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Aamy’s Baking Diaries | Mulberry Pancakes 🥞 | Episode 3

It is officially mulberry season in India, so pick up your mulberries, because we are making some mulberry pancakes!

here are the ingredients :))


Flour 🌾 
Eggs 🥚
Milk 🥛

And... here are the steps!

1. Let me get started by saying: You need a lot of mulberries to get the flavour: Like 2 to 3 cups (I think)...
2. First, you have to strain the mulberries and get the juice out (Make sure NOT to throw away the excess (The fibres and seeds)
3. Leave some mulberries behind to put it as da topping :))

1. Now to make the pancake batter...Mix the flour, eggs and milk together.
2. Ngl, but I didn't check how much of each to add, so you guys just add accordingly. 

Now, slowly add the mulberry juice and the pulp to the pancake batter. The batter should be like a purple-ish colour. Taste the batter occasionally. Once you heat the stove, put some butter. Once the butter has melted, pour the batter. When you're gonna flip it, put some mulberries as the topping.

Wait a few minutes, until its cooked and then, eat (duh, what else would you do with it)


(I used a few advertising techniques, so the mulberries wouldn’t look the same on the pancake)



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