This is me

Updated 12 January 2022

Hello. I’m Aamy (Not Amy. It’s not even pronounced aimee. It’s pronounced: Ahhh-Mee)

I’m an 11-year-old extroverted tomboy and I speak fluent sarcasm (Just letting you know so you don’t feel bad when I say you’re an idiot) I’m also a writer and I’m currently writing 2 books.

I also don’t mind hate in my posts (Please, don’t extend it, though 😐), because I find it cool (Y’know, I’m so famous that I have haters ;))

I call you Peoples (Can be pronounced: Peepolose. Peep- Oh-Lo-say)

I call hater ꧁Anti-Peoples࿐

So, I have a buncha blogs on WordPress :))!

Find them here:

  1. My Main Blog: Aamy’s Imaginations
  2. My Blog With My Awesome Cousin Sista: The Honey Bees
  3. My Blog With My Epic Friends In Real Life: The Golden Girls

You can also find me on Roblox with my cringe username: 2pretty2perfect.

Now that I’m done rambling, head over to these blogs and give it a follow, won’t you?

Thanks for visiting, People!

Peace Out 😎😎