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Jailbreak ✌🏽

It was a cold December night, and Bill Black and John Jones were locked up in their cells for stealing 8 million dollars from foreign countries. “We were about to escape and then, you IDIOT told the policies that we were taking some gold!!!!” John shouted, remembering what had happened in the airport when they were about to board the flight back to Canada. Now, they were locked up in ‘The French cells of the government’. “I thought, they would let us go if we told the truth” said the brainless Bill. “We’ll have to escape” said John “Canada doesn’t know we are smugglers”.
“They might now” said a police officer showing a newspaper with both of the smugglers pictures in the headlines. The next day, the boys had come up with a plan. They woke up early in the morning, before the officers woke up. They were lucky that their police officer was asleep. They took the keys from him. “HEY!! LOOK!! OUR OFFICER’S NAME IS JOHN!! IT’S YOUR NAME!!!!!” shouted Bill. John the officer snored loudly. “YOU FOOL!! Shut up!!!” John the thief whisper- shouted. Bill agreed and unlocked the cell door. John broke a wooden stick from their jail bed. John then stole some money from the police drawer in the police room (Only after knocking a few policies with the stick). They, then went to the cars parking and stole an unlocked car. They drove to the airport wearing masks so no one will understand that they are the smugglers. They boarded a flight to Canada. When they landed, the moment they removed their masks, police caught them and jailed them. “Ohh!! Look! We are back where we started!! It’s like a game!! Like GTA 5!! This is fun!!” said Bill. “You, idiot” said John. And they spent the rest of their life in jail…

French jail which the smugglers were in before


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