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Exam Journal 📚✨ Exam 4


Hello, hola, bonjour, namaste, konnichiwa, ciao.

I had my science exam today :,))

It was pretty easy, yeah :))

When we tried to discuss our answers, we kinda got real confused and so I asked my not nerdy but nerdy best friend and now I think I failed-


I had chem and bio for our exam, and fornow there were ez as 🥧

I’m gonna rate this exam a firm 7.5/10 (10 being the easiest)

Tomorrow, I’ve got hindi, and I’m pretty scared and y’know the fact I have tuition also makes it worse because if I get bad marks, I’m gonna get shouted at and I’m gonna be so embarrassed.

I should probably study for tomorrow’s exam now…



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Exam Journal 📚✨ Exam 2 and 3

I’m so sorry I didn’t write on Thursday, I was so frikin bz

My exam on Thursday was III Language and it was easy, yeah. I’m sure I made careless mistakes..

ALSO LISTEN. Today my math sir saw me and asked me, “How was your math exam?” And I’m like…..


I finally managed with an “Okay,”

And he’s like, “You’ll get full marks, right?”

And I’m like, “I guess?”


Back to the topic –>

Overall, I’d rate that test a good 8/10 (8 being easy)

Now, today’s exam, which was English, was waay easier than I had expected (plus, I didn’t study because as I mentioned, I was busy)

It was 4 pages long, while the Math and III language were only one page long.

This exam was probably easier than the exam in 6th grade, so you know what I mean.

For this exam, I’d give it a 6.5/10

anyways, I’m in the mood to watch some anime, so i’m leaving you here 🙂

Bye byeeee

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Exam Journal 📚✨ Exam 1

Hello, hello, hello. how are y’all doing? I’m starting a new blog series again dammit. This is basically my exam journey and stuff. It’s just gonna be for this week. So yeah.

My first exam is Math. And it is tomorrow, or the day you’re reading this post, because right now it’s currently 19 July 2022, 9:15 pm. I just finished learning Math for 2 hours and I need to eat dinner, so I will be writing again once my exam gets over y’all..

So bye. For now.

Hi, hello. It is currently 7:17 pm after the exam, and I didn’t find time to write before, but here I am. The math exam was…hard. I think I’m gonna die.

I’m gonna rate it… (1 being the easiest and 10 being the hardest)

A solid 7

It was only 20 marks and 8 questions but still-

The exam was for 40 minutes, and the last question was about some goddamn electrons. Y’all. This is Math. Not freaking science.

Most of the class found it hard and one of them even raged and tore the paper in half. This is a person who gets good marks all the time we’re talking about. Even them.

Anyways, I need to study for tomorrow’s exam, which is my 3rd language exam (I picked my native language)

Bye bye ♥

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Another Break…


sOoOoOoOoOo….I’m taking another break….Because of the exams (ughhh)…

For the last few exams, we only had ’em for a week, but now we have them for TWO WEEKS.

Andd….I need to get studying…

They also added one more exam which is another language exam…

I won’t be checking any comment you put or any notifications at all…But I will after the 29th of October. See ya then :))


Wish me luck ♥♥

Also guys, I have a hangouts group. You can join if you want :))