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💙It’s Moi Birthday!💙

*takes deep breath* I AM OFFICIALLY A TWEEN!

I’ll get started with reacting to a letter i wrote to myself and then continue with the food!


I wrote a letter to my 12-year-old self, 2 years ago and now I’m gonna react to it! My reaction would be in bold

Hello people  Chillies I remember I used to call my readers Chillies. why did i do that. !  How’re ya all doin”? good HAPPY-THE- DAY -BEFORE –HALLOWEEN 👻👻! Thanks, i guess

I’m writin’ I used to think removing letters from a word was ‘cool’, like how I wrote writin’ instead of writing 😶 to my future self. So, this is my letter:


Hello 12-year-old Amelia, sup

It is meeeeeeeee!!!!! 2020 Amelia! HIIII! IT’S 2022 AMELIA!

 Gosh, Gosh! (that was weird yep, that was weird) How much you’ve grown, girl! Erm…Thank you Got a few questions, You gotta answer them, if you’re 12. Let’s goooooooo!!!!

  1. Do you still blog? (yes….???) Mmhmm
  2. Are the exams harrrddd?? My Lord, it is very.
  3. Do you make flipbooks? (maybe, maybe not, I dunno, I’m still 10) I do not
  4. Do you PUBLISH any book? (please say yass) I’ve been writing like 4 books. I think 2 of them would be published this year. So, no, not yet
  5. Are you umm… having looong hair? I wish
  6. Do ya have an I-phone? (I got a nokia) What a weird question was yeah I do.

Ok, that’s it, couldn’t think of any more “good” questions wdym good, eh?.  Bye 2022 Amelia.


                                                                                      2020 Amelia

How’d that go, guys?? Not bad I seriously can’t act normal around people older than me *clearly* (EVEN MY COUSINS! XDXD) So, yeah… That’s the letter I wrote to… 12-year-old me… BYE, YOU GUYS AND GALS!!! 👋👋(just pretend that emoji says bye, not hi I do not know what you mean by that gurl 😂)