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Hello! Welcome to the Gamer’s Menu! I thought I’ll make this menu coz I made a post about it. Check it out here!


Roblox: Top 5 New Games in 2020 - EssentiallySports

I play Roblox! My username is 2pretty2perfect. Plus, I can accept friend requests!



HiberWorld - Play, create and share online games - HiberWorld

I play HiberWorld! My username is…… Skittle! This game was suggested by my friend, Dyuti, from The Golden Girls.

Thatz Mee!!


Get Fortnite - Microsoft Store

Woo! I play Fortnite! My display name is Bored Monster. BTW, I don’t accept friend requests. Yesterday (2 January 2021) I downloaded Fortnite and played my first game with my cousin (It was a duo) and won the battle royale!