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~ I Have News ~

Hey everyone! It’s been a very, very long time, i know. happy new year, though! i know we’re like already done with 2 months but i thought it’d be rude if i didnt wish yall.

in the last post i introduced a new blog and i wrote like 3 posts and then my life became so, so, so busy with my exams, school projects, friend problems etc, etc. so instead of ditching you guys like this im gonna make an official post about my withdrawal (idk is that too formal?) from blogging.

ive had so much fun over the years making new friends and exploring this part of writing and im so grateful to those who stuck with me till the very end.

it was a great opportunity and i honestly loved the experience.

ill miss you guys :~) and to those who are currently blogging, good luck and i hope life takes you on the path of success.

so, from now, sayonara, bye bye!


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Journey Across the Sea 🌊

Soo…I haven’t been posting in a while, I know (Just 5 days, but still-), I’ve been on vacation and this is another travelogue 🙂

Day 1 : 6 APRIL 2022 (Wednesday)

I woke up at 9 and ate some cereal and got ready before my mom and I went to a mall to buy some shoes and innerwear.

By the time we finished, my grandparents arrived and together we went to the seaport in 2 taxis. After showing the tickets and all that stuff, we got into a little car thing and went to the ship named Empress. We went to our smol room (which had 2 bunk beds) Also, we had to pay in dollars. In total, we put 7,000 rupees in to get 92 dollars.

For snack break, we had one of my favourite food: Pav Bhaji. Later, we watched a live-action (literally) Hindi act. Then, We went to the top deck and chilled there for a while.

Then we had dinner and did the basic before-sleep activities and slept.

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My Christmas 🎄Holiday!!

Wow. 2020’s over so quick.

Hey Guys, Wassup? I went to a supa cold place during my vacations and this is the travelogue! Lets Get Started!

Daaay Oneeee!!!

25 December 2020:

So.. I was at my grandparents house eating rice for breakfast (LOL, I’m so weird 😂). Then, at 9: 30 am, we started our 3 and a half hour drive 🙄. We reached at 12: 45 pm in a resort called ” Forest Canopy“. They gave this DELICIOUS green apple juice. Then we went to our room. IT HAD 2 FLOOOORS!!!! And an elephant towel which I named Ellie. After that, we went to a view point called “Aruvikuzhi View Point”. We also saw wind mills and took photos. Then we came back and I took a bath, Or as I describe it : A mind cooling, heart warming, oddly satisfying bath! And, then I ate dinner: Chicken fry, fried rice, chicken soup, fryums, carrots and cucumbers, mushroom curry, white pasta, naan and beef curry. And for dessert, I had: Bread and custard, chocolate ice-cream, palada kheer, and fruit salad. Then, we all played: Chess, badminton, foosball, and table tennis.

Daay Twwooooo!

26 December 2020:

I woke up and saw loads of fog. Then after sometime, I wore a frock and my parents planned on going boating 🚤. I ate my breakfast and then we drove to an “Elephant Park” and rode an elephant named Beena. Then we had to cancel boating because of the crowd. Then we went to a rose park and again had to cancel it. I saw a cardamom plantation, which WAS pretty cool. Then we came back, played a bit and went swimming in the ice cold water. Then I took bath, went to play again and then we went off road riding. Then we came back and took bath. AGAIN. For dinner I ate: Tomato soup, fryums, mushroom Manchurian, carrots, pasta chicken salad, rice, butter chicken, egg noodles and dessert was: Vanilla ice cream, carrot kheer, and fruit salad. Then I watched TV in the room.

Daaay Treee!! I mean Threee!!

Today, were leaving 😭. What I ate for breakfast was : Pancakes and syrup and chocolate milkshake. Then we went for a nature trail and saw a wild rabbit. I ate some coffee seeds. Then I played in the park 🏞. After playing, I chewed gum and took bath. Then I went back to my grandparents home.


Its actually hard to believe 2020’s coming to an end. So, guys, What was your most fave part of 2020? Let me know in the comments!

GIF of the day!

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Kayaking Fun!

Hello! Long-time no see! I went kayaking (In Kadamakudi) today! It was awesome! Let me know if you’ve gone kayaking\canoeing!


So, we woke up early at..umm probably 5:45 AM!!!!! In other words, we woke up waaay too early. We ate some delicious Chocos Flakes and hit the road! (After changing, packing and more packing, of course!)


This place was ‘bout 8 km away, BUT we got kinnda got lost (only kind of, not TOTALLY). Then a guy named Vineeth helped us, by making US follow his motorcycle.


We (I mean, NOT ONLY US, but along with 4 or 5 other people) spend 15 minutes practising. My dad sat with me, my mom with one of my brothers and Vineeth with the other one (brother). And, then we were off!!!


We practised in the water for a bit, and it worked out fine so we started! We saw the following birds:

  1. Grey Herons
  2. Crows (duh)
  3. Normal Herons
  4. Oriental Darters
  5. Sun Birds
  6. Kingfishers
  7. Many kinds of egrets
  8. Cormorants
  9. Indian Pond Heron
  10. Kite Birds

 Loads of birds, right?

We saw mangrove forests, which was pretty cool.

We also saw these beautiful purple African flowers called Water Hyacinths (I don’t know if its REALLY African) We saw Chinese fish traps along with a few birds trying to eat the fishes that got caught 🤣🤣.

 PLUS I saw an adorable Golden Retriever!

We kayaked (Is that how you say it??) for about 2 and a half hours…


After some time, we got to shade and a guide gave us some Jheera Soda to drink. It was DELICIOUS!

Later, Later, AFTER we reached home..

My parents bought dosa and sambar from Saravana Bhavan, A Indian veg restaurant (pronounced SARAH-VANA BA-VAN)

After I ate, I turned on the pc and wrote a post for my blog which is this one (LOL)!

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My Trip To The Beach 🏖

Hey There! I went to the beach today! Yes, yes, It was during this time… Happy reading!


I woke up at 7 am. But, my dad wasn’t at home, cuz he was at the hospital 🏥(No, he’s not ill, he’s a doctor 👨‍⚕️). Then at 8 am, he came back. We ate a sandwich 🥪and left.


We drove to the beach (Vypin beach) we were supposed to go, but police officers 👮‍♂️were blocking the way 😑😑. “You can’t go, blah, blah, blah!!” the officers said.  I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mad. But, then my anger melted 😡=😇, when my sweet mummy and my sweet daddy said “Let’s go to another beach”


We drove to this beach called Kuzhupilly. We payed 20 rupees 💵to park the car, and walked over to another side cause it wasn’t so sunny. There were so many stray dogs 🐕😍. We played a lot. Sea water came into my eyes 👀so I wiped it with a towel, then again sea water came into my eyes 👀 so I wiped it with a towel, and then again sea water came into my eyes 👀so… ok, I think you get the point.


When it was time to go, me and my brother picked up some shells 🐚. We found purple ones 🟣, Are they rare? Then, we changed our wet clothes 👕and ate- Mint and garlic butter with sausages on buns 🧈and herb sausages 🌭, and drank some juice 🧃. Then we drove home.  On the way, We saw a bunch of oriental darters, which is this bird that goes underwater in search of fish. So, it literally goes under the water and pops its head up after a while! That’s just fascinating!


I slept for a while, until we reached a sports shop- Decathlon, to buy some fishing rods and stuff. Then when we reached home, I spent at least 20 minutes washing myself. I had to wash my hair, which took an awful lot of time to clean (There was a lot of sand, more than I expected). Then I washed the shells I had collected.


After all that, I ate my lunch- pizza and garlic bread sticks while reading a book.


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My amazing holiday in lockdown

Hola readers, if you are wondering why l wasn’t writing for the past few days, that’s ‘cause I was on vacation in our grandparents house. My grandparents live in Marady, a place in my state, Kerala. My parents dropped us in their house and we were greeted with warm welcomes from our grandparents. At night I ate a whole carrot cake my mom had recently baked for my granny’s and grandpa’s wedding anniversary. And then after dinner we slept. The next day I woke up at 8 and brushed and went to greet our pet goats- Oreo, Galaxy, Jasmine and Rose. Galaxy’s kid is Rose and Oreo’s kid is Jasmine. Galaxy and Oreo had 1 other kid. Galaxy had Philips and Oreo had Peter, but they were sold 😭😭. Anyways all the goats are pregnant and I am so excited to see their lil’ kiddos. This was my daily routine- Get up at 8:00. Brush up my messy hair. Brush my teeth. Release the kid goats. Eat breakfast. Go out to play with the goats and feed them banana peels. Go to a pond to swim for 1 hour. Come back and take another shower with the garden hose. Eat lunch. Watch some TV. Go out to play. At snack time, make some pancakes and eat in front of the TV. And after giving dinner to the hens, hold a chick in our hand for 2 minutes. And dinner for us. Once when I was holding a chick, I accidently left the chick and it had a complete rundown around the whole house. It even climbed the stairs till the second floor!!!! Boy, that chick was fast. And at last my grandmother took hold of the chick.And also my grandmother tried making her first biriyani, a north indian dish. It was a complete success!! Now that is it, most of the interesting parts in my holiday. And umm… if you want the pancake recipe we made, you can ask me

                                 THE END