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~ I Have News ~

Hey everyone! It’s been a very, very long time, i know. happy new year, though! i know we’re like already done with 2 months but i thought it’d be rude if i didnt wish yall.

in the last post i introduced a new blog and i wrote like 3 posts and then my life became so, so, so busy with my exams, school projects, friend problems etc, etc. so instead of ditching you guys like this im gonna make an official post about my withdrawal (idk is that too formal?) from blogging.

ive had so much fun over the years making new friends and exploring this part of writing and im so grateful to those who stuck with me till the very end.

it was a great opportunity and i honestly loved the experience.

ill miss you guys :~) and to those who are currently blogging, good luck and i hope life takes you on the path of success.

so, from now, sayonara, bye bye!


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Oh, The Strays!

Hiya. This is a story, it’s about strays on a beach… so yeah. Check it out.

The sunlight beamed through the crack of the curtain. It hit my eyes, waking me up. I yawned like a bear who just woke up from hibernation. “Rat tat tat” banged my door. It was my mum.

“Good mornin’, Charlotte! Up, up, up! We’re going to the beach today!” she shrieked.

I jumped up when I heard that. The beach? I haven’t gone there in ages! My mum nodded and drew the curtains. She kissed my forehead and asked me to dress up promptly as she was closing the door behind her. I slowly got up and glanced over to my chair. A swimming suit lay there. I grabbed it and wore it. As I was in a hurry, I heard a rip. I gasped.”Oh no!” I thought. I went to the mirror and looked closely.

It wasn’t ripped…Maybe a fabric inside got ripped. I flew down the stairs and sat at the table. I munched on some pop tarts as I fed my dog, Bear. I got him some sunglasses and he looked adorable with them. And we were off to the beach.

The water splashed onto the warm, golden sand. Many strays were letting the sun give them a bath of warmth. Many other people in their bikinis were getting tanned. I took Bear on his leash and sat near the water. The water kissed my toes each time the water came up. Bear whined when the water touched his paw. He kept smacking the water until he realized that that would make his paw ever wetter.


I heard strong, fearsome barks coming from a stray. I looked at the dog who was barking and was relieved that he was barking at a person who was feeding the poor thing. Just then, a stray dog came running to me. Tears welled up in my eyes. I was petrified. But, he looked sad more than angry. And that’s when I saw a couple chasing them away. I had just witnessed a pet get thrown away.

I slowly went towards the abandoned dog, sticking my hand out. I made kissing noises as I slowly walked to it. The poor baby was crying. I patted him slowly.

He seemed to trust me. After that, we took the dog to the vet who gave him a few injections, and then he lived with us. His name is Cookie and he is the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet.

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A Very Wild Story ⚔☠


*Quick note: I changed my blog button*

Recommended Device To Read This Post: Laptop or Computer

There was once a girl called Danny G’Jonez and she lived with her imaginary friend, Bloblah in an abanded hospital. Danny also used to go to school which was situated in the middle of the woods. The teachers probably wanted the students to study in fear. But Danny wasn’t afraid. She DID have an imaginary friend who was…not accustomed. She said he had soggy eyes and his arms were not there.

At school, she met her bully and he chased her. She had to leap across trees and then when she reached her hospital house she found that her family had come to see her.

They consisted of her mother (named Father), her father (named Mother), her dog (named Cat), and her cat (named Dog). We’ll be addressing them by their names.

“Hey, Danny. We decided to live here for a bit. We also bought a bottle which has a spirit in it. Don’t open it,” said Father as Danny opened the bottle.

The spirit whooshed out and into the hospital.

“WHERE DO YOU KEEP THE IPADS!” asked the spirit.

“In the wardrobe,” said Danny.

“Ok. Imma go watch Luke Davidson,” said the spirit.

Then suddenly, a massive hole appeared underneath Danny, sucking her in. She fell into a lion’s cage. “Food?” asked the lion. “I’m not food. Please. ZOOKEEPER! HELP ME!” cried Danny.

The zookeeper came running and threw kelp to the lion who ate it with pleasure. He got in and quickly took out Danny. “What are you doing in the lion cage?” he asked. She didn’t know and they went back together to the zookeeper’s office. The office had 2 lions, 4 zebras, 4 sheep, and a giraffe. Danny didn’t stop to think why. Bloblah said that he wanted to go back to the hospital. Danny didn’t know how to. “I really wish we could go back home!” she cried. A sudden BAM! was heard as Danny and Bloblah disappeared into the hole again. And they plopped on Danny’s bed.

“Yowl!” cried the spirit, “Won’t you let me watch Luke Davidson is peace! Oh, the people these days!”

Danny sighed and got out of her bed. When she went to the living room (which is actually the plastic surgery room), she found that Mother and Father were eating noodles and jam. “How do you enjoy that?” she asked. They shrugged and continued to eat. Cat was chasing Dog when the door (A very out-of-order automatic glass door) knocked.

Danny cautiously opened it, since it was rare for people to visit her. But this wasn’t a visit. This ‘visitor’ wanted war. It was the bully. The bully’s name was Bullie and he bullied Danny because she poured glue on his head and it dried and now his hair looked like the Gorilla Glue Lady’s but without the braid. He’s been traumatizing her since then. “Well hello there, Danny,” he was holding glue!

Danny ran back in and took a pencil and came back.

“You’re gonna defeat me with a pencil?” he asked.

Danny nodded and grinned. She flipped her hair and got ready. She clicked the pencil’s eraser and a sword popped out.

“That’s not fair! You can’t kill me!” Bullie cried.

“Okay then,” she said taking out her mobile. She opened an app called, ‘Knights Unite’. “We’ll have war virtually. Anyways, in this game, you have to fight to the death and you have 3 lives, did I mention that I’m in the top 3 in this game? Do you have a mobile?” she asked.

“Yeah, I play that game too. And yeah, I do have a mobile,” Bullie replied, taking his phone out.

“Then, we’ll start, shall we?” she said.

⚔ Knights Unite ⚔

Welcome back Danny_isdabest!

Sending battle request to TotallynotBullie.

Battle Request Accepted!


Loaded! Game on ⚔!

Danny –>😈✏ 🍼👾 <–Bullie

Danny_isdabest has used ‘2x Power’

TotallynotBullie is choosing…

TotallynotBullie has attacked using ‘Fire Freeze’

Danny_isdabest is choosing…

Danny_isdabest has attacked using “Hacker’s Virus’! The attack is doubled using 2x Power!

The battle is over!

Final winner: Danny_isdabest

+100 coins

“That’s not fair!” cried Bullie, “Let’s play another game!”

“Sure, which game?” Danny asked.

☠ 𝐏𝐢𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐏𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐦𝐞𝐫 ☠

Welcome back to ☠ 𝐏𝐢𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐏𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐦𝐞𝐫 ☠, Miss_PirateDanny

Online Friends

Bullie123 🟢 > Invited To 2 Player Game

Starting Game





☠ 𝐏𝐢𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐏𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐦𝐞𝐫 ☠ lasted very long. So long that you’d get bored watching them play which is why I’ve stopped writing it till there.

Eventually, Danny won, and boy, Bullie was mad. He crushed his phone and stomped angrily away from the hospital. Bullie never bothered her again, and well, Danny lived happily ever after- That too with lots of adventures!

Well….That was quite long, wasn’t it 😅? It took 2+ hours to write and it was fun too!

Here’s a question did you really UNDERSTAND the story?

Read it again if you didn’t.

If you really did understand, then take this quiz: A Very Wild Story Quiz

Please don’t copy! Open the quiz in a new tab and close this tab!

Thanks for reading!

Byeeeee ❤❤

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Once Upon A Japanese World 🏯🗾

Akemi was just a normal girl, but with a dream that her father would never let her to achieve: Karate.

It was a long time ago, in Japan, and where Akemi lived, girls were not meant to do karate. Akemi just thought it was wrong. Her brother, Haruto was taught karate by his father ever since he was 5. “Father, It’s just karate!” Akemi often used to plead to learn karate.

“Akemi! I told you no! Go help your Mama in the kitchen!”

Sometimes, Akemi used to talk to her chicken about how much she loved karate.

“What can you do? You’re just a chicken” she grumbled to her hen one day. “Baw-Bawck!” screeched the hen, deeply offended. “Well, I’m just pointing out the fact, that you are a hen and not a martial arts expert!” said Akemi, shrugging. Her hen walked away in a weird manner that kind of looked like she was doing karate chops.”THAT’S IT!! I CAN LEARN MARTIAL ARTS MYSELF!!! I LOVE YOU CHICKEN!! THANK YOU!” shouted Akemi, excitedly. Her hen ran away in fear. She chased her hen and picked the hen up. She was walking back in her house when she saw a glance of the backyard, her brother had just started his karate class. She memorised the moves her father taught Haruto and then she went to her room to try them. She closed the door, placed her hen down and tried them out. After a few moments, she was sweating like a pig. But, she kept practicing. She practised everyday, even though her brother didn’t have classes. But when he did, she watched him, went to her room and tried them out.

Even if her practice was fascinating, the other fascinating thing was that her father didn’t know she was self-teaching herself karate. She kept her streak of her father not knowing about her karate practice for 6 months, that was until a thief decided to rob the family.

The thief climbed through Haruto’s window. The thief got on to Haruto’s bed and accidently treaded on Haruto’s hand. Haruto yowled “AKEMI! Why are you on my bed!?” The thief jumped and hid under the bed. Haruto woke up to see that “Akemi” wasn’t there. “Akemi! Stop coming to my room! You have your own stinky chicken-poop filled room, why do ya have to come to mine? And why do you have to be ever so cruel to keep the window open, You know its winter, do you want me to be a human popsicle?” he said, angrily. The thief had stopped breathing to keep hidden. After a few moments, Haruto fell asleep. The thief found a few stones in Haruto’s shelf and kept searching for more.

On the other hand, Akemi couldn’t sleep. The dogs were barking, the wolves were howling, her hen was clucking, and her brother was screeching. “Haruto is so weird, who speaks in their sleep?” she mumbled. The thief looted almost every valuable thing in Haruto’s room and made his next move: Akemi’s Room

The thief crept in her room. Akemi heard the thief and thought that the thief was Haruto. “UGH, WHY DO YOU KEEP ANNOYING ME?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, HARUTO!?” she shouted turning to face “Haruto”. The thief didn’t have enough time to hide, Akemi saw him. She screamed and she punched him right on the nose. The thief fainted. She gasped, “Oh No, What did I do?! Oh Haruto! Why did you have to wear a mask? Oh whyyy??!!”

She desperately tried to find a hiding spot, but it was too late, her father was in her room. Her father pulled out the thief’s mask. “Akemi! What is the meaning of this?” her father shouted. Akemi cried and saw that the person in the mask was not Haruto at all, it was in fact a wanted criminal of the village. “But, Dada, it’s..that’s Daitan Gowichi. He’s a criminal!” Akemi protested. Her father thought again, and asked, “Did you punch him?” Akemi looked down and said yes. Her father’s face gleamed, “That.. that was pretty impressive, Akemi”

Her father looked into the thief’s pockets and found Haruto’s stones. He laughed, “How can Haruto be asleep at this time? HARUTO!! COME HERE!!” Haruto groaned and came to her room. “What now?” he said. His father gave him his stones, “Akemi has saved your stones, son, he has knocked out Daitan Gowichi” “WOAH! That’s really cool, Akemi! Um…Thanks…a lot” Haruto smiled.

The next day was Akemi’s very first karate class. She was very excited. Her father taught her and Haruto self defense and many other things. She smiled and thought, “Dreams really do come true”

Hewo Peoples! I know I should’ve done the intro in the beginning, but I thought it would spoil the story xD. Anyways, yesterday I had a karate test to go from Brown Belt 1 to Brown Belt 2.

I got 75 points for being one of the kids who had loads of stamina 😏😏

Eeeeeeee!!! (And that’s my catchphrase 😉😉)

The results will come next week! See ya soon!

Make that peoples xD
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Rickson .K.



Rickson Keller stumbles, dropping all the books he was holding. He looks up, already knowing who pushed him.

Anna Potters. The school bully. She thinks of herself as the most prettiest in the school. “I’m so sure that Brian Woods is gonna ask me out soon. He’s just a bit shy!” She often told her 2 minions, Stella and Amy.

Rickson .K. was the ULTIMATE NERD. He studied during his holidays and found interest in rocket science. He was just another opportunity for Anna and her gang to bully. He had no friends, but he other nerds fancied him. He’s a celeb among the nerds.


The middle school dance was coming up. And Rick was tensed. “Oh Boy, There is no way that anyone is gonna ask me. Oh look, Emma Webber. She’s so pretty. What if she ask-, What am I thinking? She already has a boyfriend.” he thought.

A few days later and still there was no luck. There was no girl willing to dance with a nerd. ‘Okay, I don’t need any girl. I can dance by myself” he thought.

It was the day of the dance. Rick did not want to go but his mother persuaded him to. It left him with no choice, but to go. When he arrived, everyone was slow-dancing. He felt awkward. He was the only one without a date. The prom went all so quickly. And when it was over, he was happier than he ever had been. Until, that is, when Anna ‘accidently’ poured half of the Apple Punch on him. The entire school except for the teacher who tried to stop them and the other nerds. Rick looked at Anna with a death stare and Anna laughed, “What? Why are you trying to scare me with a stare, nerd? Huh? Huh? Why? COZ YOUR A LOSER! Hahahahahaahahahaha!!”

Rickson and his life of fame

Rickson was famous for the Apple Punch incident. People laughed when he walked past them. Anna even made a poster and stuck it around the school. Rickson hated being unpopular, but also he hated being this popular. He decided to stand up. The following day, Anna came over up to him. “Hey Loser, Aren’t you gonna thank me? I made you POPULAR! LOL!” she hollered. “SHUT UP, LOSER!” Rickson said to her. Anna was shocked.

“What did ya call me?”

“Can’t you hear? I CALLED YA A LOSER!”

“Hahahaha, You better not call me anything stupid, or I’ll rip your face off!”

“Oh? Will you? Well, then, Let’s see”

Anna goes over to punch him when the Principal walks in. He gets the shock of his life.

“ANNA!!!” he screamed, “IN MY OFFICE!! NOW!!

The Ending

Anna’s minions were nothing without her. They slowly started to forget Anna and became nice children. Anna was expelled 2 weeks ago. The Principal had her to tell the truth if she was really trying to punch Rickson. The Principal finally understood the truth that she was a bully.

Rickson was not bothered anymore and had a very happy middle school year. He then never came across any bully in his life.


Word Of The Day: Abundant

Definition: Plentiful

Sentence: The river bank was abundant of flora and fauna

Cute Wave Sticker - Cute Wave Bye Stickers
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The Secret Of Lauren’s Diary📔

Lauren Nickwood was a little girl of 13. She was quite short for her age, so she was made fun of very often. Lauren’s only friend was her diary, which she got on her 10th birthday. Lauren wrote all her feelings in it. But, there was this day, when she finally found the truth about her diary…

Lauren woke up one day, feeling very glum because she knew today was swimming day, and Violet Jones, would be there. Lauren hated Violet. She was the meanest, prettiest, rudest, and most popular in the whole of 8th grade.  Violet ALWAYS bullied Lauren.

Lauren had a very bad feeling about today, nothing good ever happened to her on swimming days. Later, After class,  Lauren went back home and wrote in her diary:

 Dear Diary,

Today was so horrid! Today was swimming day, and you know that nothing good ever happens on swimming days!  Violet bullied me again! She pushed me into the pool and I still had my uniform on! Everything’s so bad!



Every single day, she got bullied. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Lauren always complained how unlucky she was.

One day, at school, she had just finished taking her spelling test:

Spelling test

  1. Fiasco
  2. Belligerent
  3. Bianual Biannual
  4. Cameos
  5. Architect

Lauren groaned at her score: 4\5.

 Junie, the girl sitting beside Lauren saw a shiny light coming from Lauren’s bag,

 Junie said “Lauren, Um…  I think something’s in your bag??”

Lauren smiled and snatched her bag away. Later at home, she opened her bag. There she saw her diary, shining. She took the diary and opened it to the page she last wrote. But instead of seeing a blank page, she saw these words:

Stop this nonsense, Lauren, stop!

She decided to ignore it and then started writing about her day:

Dear diary,

My day was as bad as usual, got 4\5 for my spelling test, Violet bullied me. Hmph! Why, o, why can’t I have a peaceful life?                                                              Bye, Lauren

Then, she got a message:

Lauren! I don’t want to hear your day if its full of negativity! Please stop

Who are you?!

I’m… I’m your diary! I really don’t want to hear your day if it’s bad!

Lauren was surprised. A diary? MY diary talking to me?!

She replied:

I’m sorry, but that’s the day I have! I can’t lie about my day! Mother told me never to lie!

Why don’t you believe you will have a good day? You will, I tell you! You believe you are having a good day!

And, you think that’ll work?


Lauren turned pale with fear.

Ok, I’ll try


The next day, Lauren woke up early and believed it would be a fantastic day. For the spelling test she got full marks! And, would you believe it, she didn’t get bullied by Violet! She was so happy! For the first time, her day went out perfectly!

Dear diary,

Today was fantastic! A little boy named Jonas gave me a card that said “You are an inspiring person”!  How lovely! Today really was a calm and peaceful day!

                                                                                      Thanks a load!



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UniWorld!! 🦄

It has been 1300 years since the unicorns had gone for hibernation in their caves.  Today, is the day they come back from their long sleep. LittleSong the unicorn had just woken up.  The fairies greeted LittleSong with love as she came out. Sunlight had woken up all the unicorns.

LittleSong pranced and danced, for she knew that the Grand Unicorn Party was that evening.  She ran to her old home, a 1300 year old home. She was disappointed to see her old house in ruins, after all it was 1300 years old. She used her powers in her horn and made her house back to normal.

She ate some fruits and some candies and went out to play again with the other baby unicorns. They played a traditional game called “Horns”. Soon, it was evening and all the baby unicorns were squealing and laughing.

The party begun with female unicorns dancing elegantly. Then, after the dance, the queen of unicorns arrived. She was welcomed with dancers, flowers, candies, and singers. LittleSong was pleased.  

Then, Flower the fairy came and planted a kiss on the queen’s horn. The queen smiled and gave Flower a generous amount of fairy dust to help Flower’s sick mother fly once again. Flower thanked the queen and went to enjoy the rest of the party.

The cake was decorated with sparkles and it was the shape of a unicorn head!! LittleSong enjoyed the party more than she thought she would.  They had really cool party games!!  The game LittleSong loved the most was “Hit the Horn!!”. The game was played like this- A horn would be hanging from the sky, and the unicorns had to fly and break the horn with their horns!! LittleSong did not win, though. Another unicorn named BigMagics won and everyone got candies with the picture of the queen in them!!  

Several years passed and it was time for LittleSong and the other unicorns and fairies to leave for hibernation. They walked to the cave of hibernation, when LittleSong suddenly remembered that millions of years ago, her job was to give sweet dreams to kids. LittleSong smiled at that thought. 

When, they finally reached the cave, all the unicorns and fairies bid goodbye and went into their rooms in to caves. The entrance was shut with a heavy rock after all the unicorns and fairies were inside. LittleSong went into her room and when her head touched her pillow she silently fell asleep.

Life’s always better with a little bit of sprinkles


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This story was written by my brother, Joshua, aged 7 and a half

This story is about a tomato who tried to make everyone laugh but failed. I hope you enjoy 😀!

Once there was a funny tomato. He was always trying to make everyone laugh, but nobody laughed.

One day, Funny tomato was sad. A man took Funny tomato to eat. The man laughed; the man laughed because Funny tomato was soo red. Then, the man and Funny tomato were so happy.

The end 🍅