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UniWorld!! 🦄

It has been 1300 years since the unicorns had gone for hibernation in their caves.  Today, is the day they come back from their long sleep. LittleSong the unicorn had just woken up.  The fairies greeted LittleSong with love as she came out. Sunlight had woken up all the unicorns.

LittleSong pranced and danced, for she knew that the Grand Unicorn Party was that evening.  She ran to her old home, a 1300 year old home. She was disappointed to see her old house in ruins, after all it was 1300 years old. She used her powers in her horn and made her house back to normal.

She ate some fruits and some candies and went out to play again with the other baby unicorns. They played a traditional game called “Horns”. Soon, it was evening and all the baby unicorns were squealing and laughing.

The party begun with female unicorns dancing elegantly. Then, after the dance, the queen of unicorns arrived. She was welcomed with dancers, flowers, candies, and singers. LittleSong was pleased.  

Then, Flower the fairy came and planted a kiss on the queen’s horn. The queen smiled and gave Flower a generous amount of fairy dust to help Flower’s sick mother fly once again. Flower thanked the queen and went to enjoy the rest of the party.

The cake was decorated with sparkles and it was the shape of a unicorn head!! LittleSong enjoyed the party more than she thought she would.  They had really cool party games!!  The game LittleSong loved the most was “Hit the Horn!!”. The game was played like this- A horn would be hanging from the sky, and the unicorns had to fly and break the horn with their horns!! LittleSong did not win, though. Another unicorn named BigMagics won and everyone got candies with the picture of the queen in them!!  

Several years passed and it was time for LittleSong and the other unicorns and fairies to leave for hibernation. They walked to the cave of hibernation, when LittleSong suddenly remembered that millions of years ago, her job was to give sweet dreams to kids. LittleSong smiled at that thought. 

When, they finally reached the cave, all the unicorns and fairies bid goodbye and went into their rooms in to caves. The entrance was shut with a heavy rock after all the unicorns and fairies were inside. LittleSong went into her room and when her head touched her pillow she silently fell asleep.

Life’s always better with a little bit of sprinkles


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Good news and bad news!! + a poem 📜

Should I start by saying the good news or the bad news??

I think bad news first.

You guys should know my pet fish Angel, well.. he died 😭😭😭. He died last Friday August 24 2020. He died because he turned sick.

Now, moving on to the good news: We got a new fighter fish!  

A black and white male!

We named him Zebbra, cause of his zebra like stripes. Cherry’s fine and Zebbra’s soo happy to be with Cherry. Now, like I always do I am gonna be making a poem about Zebbra.

2 hours later

Zebbra the fish

Zebbra… Zebbra..

I think he’s a Libra.

He covered in stripes

Never went through pipes

He’s just family.

Never met Angel

Or anyone named Dangel

I think he loves me

because he’s full of glee


A letter to Zebbra

Hey Zebb,

I know you are not used to your new home, but I’m sure you soon will be. I hope you have an amazing time with Cherry and us. You have extraordinary fins; did you know that? Amazing fins!! I love your beard.. it’s very beautiful. That’s all I have to say… Welcome to the family..

                                                                      Love u,


Zebbra and Cherry

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  1. The toothpaste slime

For this slime recipe, you need toothpaste and if you want you can use food color. Book a few trips to the microwave until you get a slime like texture.

2. The “not exactly a slime” slime

This is not as stretchy as a normal slime would be, but it’s good 😁! You need food color, liquid glue, super glue and salt. A few drops of food coloring, a 100-gram bottle of liquid glue, a few drops of super glue, and 5 pinches of salt would do the trick. Mix it all together for a while. DO NOT WASH THE SLIME. After it ready, let it sit in an airtight container for a bit.

3. The clay slime

Now, this is really easy. Take some clay and mush it for a few minutes. Then mush it with some body lotion or you can use foaming hand wash and then knead it in your palm. I haven’t tried this recipe, so if you are doing it, please tell me if it worked!!

4. The cornstarch slime

Mix cornstarch, conditioner and baby oil. Knead well for at least 5 minutes.

5. Blue tack slime

This slime is a bit hard and you may need strong hand for this. Take a packet of blue tack and stretch it with foaming hand wash. After sometime it will start breaking, but just keep stretching it.

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The next night, Grandpa Craig sat down to tell Bennet Mcmanus, Amy Reed, Kassie Lorman and Emma Shelflike a new story. “I have a special thing for you kids!!!” said Grandpa. “But, Grandpa!! You said last night, you will tell us the story your mom told you!!” said Bennet. “Oh!! Right!! But do you want to go to a magical kingdom in real life???”asked Grandpa. “Oooooo!!! Bennet, let’s go there!!” said Emma. Grandpa uttered some magic words and they found themselves in a beautiful field filled with candies. They ate some candies and saw fairies!!! Kassie said “LOOK!!! NATALIA THE FAIRY👸🏻!!!” Bennet screamed with happiness. “And there is Stephiny👸🏻!!!” said Kassie. Both the Fairy girls said hi and gave them all wings.

Natalia first introduced them to her family. Joe was very excited to see them. Natalia’s mother gave them some homemade fairypizza🍕. It was delicious!! It was topped with kindness and love. Then Natalia took them to Foodland and they ate candies.

Then they went to the fairy race 🏃🏻‍♀️with Natalia. Stephiny came there to race too. Natalia, Stephiny and Natalia’s boyfriend, Rowel raced together. Rowel won because he was the fastest kid racer. Then Rowel, Natalia, Stephiny and the others went to the dolphins where they met Stephiny’s pet dolphin🐬, Shine. Shine laughed and played with them for a while, then the group went to see Snow White and Prince Charming and the 7 dwarfs.

They were happily greeted by Snow White, Prince Charming and the seven dwarfs- Grumpy, Dopey, Doc, Happy, Bashful, Sneezy and Sleepy. They ate some porridge and went to meet Belle and Prince Adam. Belle was so happy to see them. Belle gave Bennet and the girls a book called “Winter❄”. She gave Grandpa Craig a book called “The little lady who broke all the rules” They had a marvellous feast and the group said goodbye and left to meet Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip.

Aurora gave them some apples🍎 and oranges🍊 to eat. They rode Aurora’s and Phillip’s horses🐎🐎 for a while and left to Natalia’s house. In Natalia’s house, they all said goodbye and Grandpa Craig uttered the same magic words and they were back in their house. “Wow!!” said Amy “That was fun!! We should go there tomorrow!!” Then Grandpa Craig said “Tomorrow, I will tell you the story that my mother told me. Tomorrow you will understand because I took you for this trip!!”


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Rose Andrews

Rose Andrews was the first lady on Neptune. She was born on October 7 1978. She had a sister named Rosie Andrews. Rose was elder that Rosie. The first time she went to space in the moon was in the year 2001, when she was 22 years old.  When, she turned 30, she started her training in NASA. She went to Neptune 🚀 in the year 2010, when she was 30. She went with her two astronaut friends- Andrew Peterson and Michael Jonas.

They each had one rocket.  In space, Rose vomited thrice. “This always happens when I am in space!!” said Rose through the microphone.  After a while, Andrew said “OMG!!! OMG!! Guys, there are aliens👽, real ones!! Damn!!” Rose and Michael saw it too. They took pictures and then orbited Neptune. When they landed in Neptune, they saw footprints, that did not belong to humans, or that’s what they said. When they were returning, Rose was hit by a comet, twice. In the second time, her rocket blasted and she died. The boys took her dead body back to earth. Rosie cried a lot when she saw her sister’s dead body. They were so close to each other. Rosie took 4 days to stop her crying.

After a week, Rose’s funeral took place on January 4 2010. One year later, Rosie married to a French painter-  Adam Paul. In the year 2012, Michael died of heart attack what everyone thought was because of a death-defying nightmare. Rosie started working in NASA to go to Neptune just like her sister did, but come home unharmed. In 2017 Rosie went to Neptune and came home happily without any injuries. In 2018, she got shot by Simon Shiftlock who went to jail in the year 2019. Andrew Peterson is still alive, aged 45 still working in NASA. On January 19 2020, Coraline Jones acted as Rose and Rosie Andrews in a film called “Trip to Neptune with Rose”.

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Dogs 🐶

Bella the dog is a Dalmatian. One morning, When she got out of the house for a walk, she saw wolf coming straight at her to attack. She fought back and the wolf died. Then she saw a greyhound calling her. She went to the greyhound “Hey, buddy” started the greyhound “There are these two bulls that always attack me. Can you please help me? 🥺” Bella, being a kind-hearted dog, agreed. Then she set off.

When she was walking she kept thinking about the bulls “I wonder how big they are!!!” she shuddered. After sometime, she saw a lonely Dalmatian, and she went to him and asked, “Hey, I’m Bella, I am going to kill 2 bulls. Can you help me?” He fell in love with her so he agreed. He introduced himself as Cooper. After some time, they saw the bulls. They pounced on the bulls, killing it. They had a wonderful breakfast. Bella also saved some meat for the greyhound. When they reached home, Bella introduced Cooper to the greyhound and also gave the buffalo meat to him. The greyhound was so happy that the bulls were dead.

Then Bella and Cooper married the same night. But, for the marriage dinner, there was no food, so the greyhound, who was called Pete, said that he knew a farm close by. So the dogs went there with carts. When they reached there, they saw paradise!!! That place was filled with chickens and ducks. Bella and Pete were really good at hunting so, both of them created a hole in the fence and got inside and killed 8 chickens and 6 ducks. They went home and had an amazing feast. And they lived happily ever after the end…

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Wolves 🐺

Once upon a time there lived a wolf. The wolf’s name was Wilbur. One day when Wilbur was walking, he saw another wolf and that wolf called out to him. Wilbur went to him and he said “There is something wrong with the cemetery, there are 3 skeletons that laugh and sing that scares the animals, can you go and break their bones? I am too scared to go” So Wilbur agreed “Anything to help the jungle!!” and he set off. Wilbur had no family, so he had to go on his own. On the way, he saw a girl wolf. He fell in love with her. Then he thought “If she agrees my proposal, we can fight the skeletons together!!!” Then he went to her and proposed to her. She agreed to make a family and both of them set off to kill the skeletons. They had to cross a river to reach the skeletons.

After they crossed the river, Wilbur’s new wife, Wanda said that she was hungry. Wilbur found a sheep, and attacked it with the help of his wife. After the sheep died, a leopard wanted to eat the sheep, but Wilbur didn’t allow it, so they started a fight. Finally, the leopard died and they had 2 animals to eat. Wanda ate the sheep and Wilbur ate the leopard. Then they had to climb a very steep hill. When they got to the cemetery, Wilbur saw the skeletons had knives. Wanda told Wilbur not to worry. Then they went to the skeleton and started fighting. Then a cheetah came and started fighting with Wilbur. “What the heck do you think you’re doing??!!” shouted Wilbur to the cheetah. The cheetah replied “I’M HUNGRY!! I HAVE BEEN STARVING FOR 2 DAYS!! I HAVE BEEN EATING GRASS!!!” Then Wilbur killed the cheetah, and then he continued attacking the skeleton. Then, disaster struck, the skeleton killed Wanda.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!” screamed Wilbur as he ran for his life, “WANDA!!! NOOOO!!! WANDA!!!!” he cried. Finally, he reached back where he started and shouted to the wolf who told him to go “You idiot!!! 😭😭You made me lose my wife!!!” The wolf replied “I’m so sorry, but sacrifices have to be made, my family got killed but 4 dragons.” Wilbur apologised and spent the night in his house.

The next day, they had a small meal of snakes and they went to the cemetery. They saw the skeletons and waited to attack. Then one of the skeleton spotted the 2 wolves and ran to attack. Wilbur’s new friend -Sam stood in the front and Wilbur in the back. Wilbur took the knife from its hand and threw it in the river. The skeleton whimpered. Sam hit the head from the skeleton and killed it. They did the same thing to the other skeletons. After the skeletons were broken, they took 6 bones and went home. On the way Sam killed 2 gazelles, 4 zebras and 10 snakes. Back at Sam’s house, they had a marvellous feast. And they lived happily ever after.

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Natalia and Stephiny- The two kind fairies

Grandpa Craig was telling his grandchild and her friends a bedtime story. Bennet Mcmanus is her name. Her friends are Amy Reed, Emma Shelflike and Kassie Lorman.The girls were having a sleepover.Grandpa Craig started-

So kids, Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a very pretty fairy who lived in an enchanted castle.

“Grandpa,” said Bennet, “Can you name the fairy, Natalia, after the very kind teacher in my school?” Grandpa replied yes.

The fairy’s name was Natalia. One day she went to her friend’s house. Natalia went there to call her friend, Stephiny, down to play.

Then they went flying to another place called Candyland which was filled with candies 🍫. They flew down and saw their teacher-Mrs.Jillian the mermaid. They said hi and went to buy some candies from the king’s candy shop. Both of the fairies only had two candydollars.

“Grandpa Craig, What is a Candydollar?” asked Amy. Grandpa Craig replied “A candydollar is the imaginary currency i made for Candyland” “COOL!!!” said Amy.

When they reached the shop, they bought 2 candies each, 2 candies cost 1 candydollar. Natalia ate one, and saved one for her 8 year old brother. Then on the way home they saw a poor little male fairy. Stephiny gave one of her candy to the poor fairy. Natalia broke the candy she saved for her brother into half and gave one half to him.

“Wow! Natalia and Stephiny are so kind!!!” said Kassie.

Then, they reached their house. Natalia said “Goodbye Stephiny, see you tomorrow” and went to her house. Stephiny said bye too and she went to her house. Later when Natalia reached her house, she gave the half piece of candy to her brother, Joe. For dinner, Natalia’s mother said that they would be going to Foodland to eat dinner because Joe had got real good marks for his exam about fairy wings. So they had a wonderful dinner in Foodland and they lived happily ever after. THE END

“That was an amazing story, Grandpa. I am going to tell Ms. Natalia about this story” said Bennet. “Yeah, Bennet’s right, it really was a good story” said Kassie. Amy and Emma agreed too. “Hohoho!!! Thank you kids!! This story is related to the story my mother told me and my sister when we were your age.” Said Grandpa Craig. “Oh!!! Grandpa Craig can you please tell us that story??? Please???” begged Emma. “I will tell you that story tomorrow night, ok? Now switch off the light and go to sleep. Goodnight girls” said Grandpa Craig.

“Goodnight Grandpa Craig” replied the girls.

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So, guys, I guess you know about my pregnant goats 😁 if you read “My amazing holiday in lockdown”. So, the day before yesterday-11th  July 2020 on a Saturday, Galaxy’s baby was born!!!!! A boy, which we named Sam 🧡💛💚💙💜 (His nick-name is Sammy). So on the 11th we went to there to see him. When we reached there it was night, so we ate dinner and slept. The next day, I was so excited I thought I was gonna burst!!! Then when I saw him, I was even more excited!!! (Not when he was about to poop and pee on me) HE WAS SO TINY!!!!!!  I spent the entire day with him, And when we were going back home, he was crying because he didn’t want us to go😍😘!!!! When we were near the gate I felt bad, because I didn’t spent so much time with the other goats except for Galaxy and Sammy.

Sammy with his Mom Galaxy

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Madison James

Madison James is an Australian writer and actor. She started writing when she was six. She was born on October 12 1979 (40 years old), in Australia, Melbourne. She has one twin named Angelina. Her childhood is unknown, but we know a bit about her.

She acted in a movie called “Santa’s Christmas break” in 1990. When she turned 30 years old, she married off to a wealthy Indian man named Sadiq Mathata. Madison wrote her first book in 1999 called “Ana’s adventures” She then stopped writing for a while and when she turned 32 years old, she wrote 10 books.

In the year 2019 she wrote 2 more books and in 2020 she wrote 8 books. She acted in several movies in the past, like before 2016. Her sister is an Australian singer and songwriter. Sadiq is a dentist. Well, that’s all we know about Madison, because, she mostly kept half of her life secret. THE END

PS. if you thought this was a bit short, don’t blame me, blame Madison for keeping half her life a secret.

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“Hello, hello?? Yes, this is Henry Peter Cameron’s mom. I’m afraid my son did not come back home, Mrs. Parker, ok, Can you please give the phone to your son? Thank you. Umm… yes, hello Jonathan, Henry did not come home yet. Wait, wait, can I finish talking? Ok. Henry did not come home today. Do you know why?  WHAT DO YOU MEAN, HE WASN’T WITH YOU WHEN YOU CAME HOME!!!!!????? Sorry, Jonathan, Thank you for your time. Bye. Don’t worry, I will get your best friend back” Henry’s mom cut the call and called 911.

“Hello, sir good evening. I have a case about a missing boy… he’s my son, He has freckles, brown hair… His name is Henry Cameron. Yes, he is a Christian. Last time I saw him?? At 3:00 pm, when he went down to play. He was wearing a Star Wars t-shirt and a Mark and Ben shorts and a pair of Nike shoes. He has a long scar on his left knee, about 9 cm. Ok, I will come tomorrow at the police station. I will come at 6:00 am. Thank you so much officer.”

Later that night, her husband James would not come out of his room for dinner. Henry’s mom, Melissa ate a meal of bread toast and butter and went to sleep. She couldn’t sleep for 4 hours. Then she had to take a sleep pill. The next day she woke up at 4:30 and went with James to the police station. The police greeted her with a warm smile and a glass of wine (which she refused) and then, the police lady took her to a small room to talk with the chief.

“Hello, officer please find my son I would give you anything!!!!!”

“Ma’am, don’t cry we will search for him… don’t worry!!!!!!”

After a bit of talking, James and Melissa went home. Then Melissa talked to Miss. Aline, Henry’s teacher.

“Miss, my son has been missing since yesterday, so he won’t be able to attend class today and any other day, until my baby is found (whimper, whimper) miss, please don’t tell any of his classmates. I don’t want them freaking out. Ok, ok, thank you so much” Two years later, and still Henry had not been found. Melissa did not even speak of Henry. When anyone asked of Henry, she would simply say


And leave. THE END

 And by the way, Henry did go for a party that I know. Read “Dear diary-2” to know whose party he went to.

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Coraline Jones

Coraline Jones is an British dancer and actor. She was born on 24 October 1992. She had a sister named Charlotte, but she died in a car accident when she was walking on the street. Coraline loved dancing than anything in the world and wanted to be a world famous dancer. She was born in England, Liverpool.When she turned 6 years old, she shifted to America, Arizona where she first met, Alia Marigold (I will write about her later. She is an actress). They became best friends.

The first time Coraline came on T.V was in the US, Arizona when she turned 7. She was in a TV commercial. When the commercial came on TV she admired herself and told her parents than she wanted to be an actress and a dancer. The first movie she acted was a movie called “I am sorry for your lose” when she was 16. Charlotte was able to see her sister’s movie which was released on 13 April 2008. Charlotte died the year after. Charlotte was an award winning author.

When Coraline turned 18 on 2010, She and Alia went to Hawaii for a romance movie. On 2018 when Coraline was 26 years old, she won miss world and when Coraline turned 27 she was awarded the best dancer award. Now she has a Youtube  channel and she lives with –


Benjamin George

Simon George


Brandon Peterson


Daisy, a basset hound

Ash, a chocolate Labrador

Patrick, a blood hound puppy

PS. I know that miss world for 2018 was Vaneesa Ponce, but this is a fiction story 😊😊

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Amber Dove


Amber Dove is a young Italian girl who was born in USA, Seattle in July 3 2006. She started singing at a very young age. The first time she went to America’s got talented was went she was only 8 years old. She got a golden buzzer when she was 10 years old.

She has a younger sister named Hazel. She was born on November 16 2012. Her mother’s name is Olivia Dove and her father’s name is James Dove. When she was only 6 years old, Amber had a lung 😢disease and had to stay in hospital 🏥for 6 months. Amber started singing when she was 2 years old. After the surgery she had to leave the US, since she is Italian and had to go back to her country. When she left US, she also left her best friend, Mariana Joanes.

Later when she was 11 years old, she started a Youtube channel so her fans in the USA won’t miss her too much. But she had to delete her channel because her sister got the same lung disease that Amber got. When Amber turned 12 she got an Oscar nomination but she did not win. Since then no one haven’t seen her ever. But from all we know, she is now 13 years old until July 3 2020.

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Gertrude Wallis


Gertrude Wallis was a Spanish ice-skater⛸. She was born on July 4 1992. She has one sister younger named Greta Wallis who was born on December 10 1997. Gertrude’s father was a lawyer.

Gertrude’s mother died when Gertrude was only five and Greta had just been born. Gertrude’s best friend was Laila Jones. Later after 8 years when Gertrude was a teen, they had to shift to Belgium. Two years later Gertrude’s father Mr. William Logan was called to the US for a meeting. William left his children in Belgium and flew to the US.  After 8 days, bad news struck- Gertrude’s father had died in a crash when he was coming back.

Many years later Greta left to the US. Then Gertrude went to the US in search of a job. Now, Gertrude had a natural talent of ice-skating so she worked as a teacher in an ice-skating ring. After loads of practise she found out that she can go to competitions to earn more money💰💵💴💷💶💸 if she wins. She won in many competitions. And she was declared by a judge that she was going to the Olympics. She won in that and then won the “BEST SKATER” award

PS. This is a fictional character I made.

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Hey guys, yesterday I made three of these and they turned out to be amazing!!!

Prep time- 8 mins

Cook time- 7 mins

Makes- 5 mini pizzas


1 tsp instant yeast

2 tbsp olive oil

1 cup lukewarm water

2 cups flour

3 tsp sugar

1 tsp salt


Mix the flour, salt, sugar, oil, yeast and water together until it is dough. Cut the dough into 5 pieces. Take one piece and spread it onto the pan. Heat the stove and let it sit for 5-7 minutes. After its ready put any pizza toppings of your choice and enjoy!!!!

If you want to make your pizza dough rise, that’s completely useless ‘cause I found out you totally don’t need to make it rise

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The stray cat 🐈


There is a stray cat that lives in our flat, like downstairs. We (me and my brothers) named her Meow-meow, but she has many different names.

We feed her to gain her trust, and now she trusts us, how do I know that? I know that because, when cats have a circle on their eyes, that means they don’t trust us, if they have a straight line in their eyes, it means they trust us.

We always touch Meow-meow (who knew cats are so soft?) A few weeks back, she got 4 kittens. 2 of them died in a car crash 😭😭. And two got adopted. We had named the kittens- Whiskers, Spark, Violet and Spikey.

Recently, she got married to another cat named Gray, but the next day they broke up. My brother said he heard Gray say “help”. I sometimes always give food to Meow-meow. And I always beg my parents to buy cat food, but that will never happen. THE END

(If you wanna know what breed she was, I will get to that later, ‘cause I do not know the breed. Oh, and her husband is the same breed as her)

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Dear diary-2

Hola diary,

Yay! It’s my birthday and guess who all are invited -Tommy Testler, that Indian dude- Rohit Bajrami, Christal Jones, Peter Gilete, my best friend, Bug Gipper, Raymond Jackson (Kimmy’s boyfriend), Henry Cameron and KIMMY RAY!!!!!! My mom invited all of them. Now in my party, we went to the state mall, and we rode the mall horror ride, ate some fries and also ate some Turkish ice-cream. Before it was time to go home, we watched this movie called- My color is Red,which is this triangle love story.

So after the party, after everyone went home,( except Bug) Both of us started unwrapping the presents- Tommy bought me the latest version of the Baby Lips lip balm. Christal got me a color changing slime, which was really nice, because she was in Kimmy’s gang. Peter got me a K-pop calendar ‘cause he was a K-pop fan. Rohit got me an I ❤ India mug. Raymond gave me a Ariana Grande T-shirt with her autograph because he knew that I loved Ariana Grande sooooo much.

Kimmy brought me her almost used up lip balm. Henry got me a 2 in 1 barbie kit (whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???????) And finally Bug’s. She got me Ariana Grande’s latest C.D which I couldn’t buy. We listened to it all night, AND IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!    

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Facts🤯 and jokes🤣


  1. McDonald’s once made bubblegum flavored broccoli🥦.
  2. The first oranges were originally green🟢.
  3. If you were to write all numbers, you won’t reach the letter “B” until one billion.
  4. The African bush elephant 🐘only sleeps for 2 hours a day.
  5. Whispering is bad for your voice.
  6. In Japan🗾, it is considered good luck if a sumo wrestler🤼‍♂️ makes your baby👶 cry😢.
  7. Male platypuses are venomous.
  8. Yawning 🥱cools your brain.
  9. The Slinky was made by accident.
  10. Octopuses 🐙can lay up to as many as 200, 000 eggs🥚.


  1. Why do we write ETC. at the end of sentences?

ans. Cuz it means E- end of

T- thinking

C- capacity

2.Why do we tell actors to break a leg🦵?

ans. Because every play has a cast

3.Why don’t cannibals eat clowns🤡?

ans. Because they taste funny.

4.What is the strongest🏋️‍♀️ animal in the world?

ans.The snail🐌, it carries its entire house on its back.

5.What did the buffalo🐃 say when his little boy went to school?

ans. Bison!! 👋

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My dream-1

                 The water monster

Yesterday I had a horrible dream that had a monster which gave you boils. So here it goes… one day me and my friends in school were standing on a place in the sea. Then we saw horrible fangs🧛‍♂️ and on the other side a scaly purple tail. It shook the place in which we were standing on and we all went toppling into the water.

Then the monster gave all of us boils. Then we went back to school. In school we didn’t do any studying ‘cause we were freaked out by that incident. Then one kid kept on squeezing a toy and it was so annoying so I took it from him.

Then we heard footsteps👣. I hid under the table with the toy. Then the water 🌊 monster☠ came, but this time it looked smaller and less scary. It came under the table and squeezed the toy I had and then it gave me a boil. My father was outside so I went to him. He had his head on his palms. I told him not to worry ‘cause this was only a dream.

Then me and my best friend went to the biology room. We then got pulled into the water. It was the water monster. It said, “ I am just gonna try my new powers” and then he poked us in the eyes👁👁 and we were back in the biology room but we were mummies😱….. the end    

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If you forget to thank someone…

(Inspired by a poem which I read in a book)

Clara helped Mary look for a book📚 ,

Sarah told Garmi which way to go➡,

Sam helped his mother bake a cake🎂,

And if you ever forget to thank🙏🏻someone,

Thank them in the dark.

Lily taught Doma how to walk🚶🏻‍♂️,

And Kazy taught Mariah how to talk🗣,

And if you ever forget to thank🙏🏻 someone,

Thank them in your sleep😴.

 If you thank someone you will see how  

 happy😁 that person will be!!

Laura taught Norah to bake🧁,

Then Mazi took Rala to the lake🚣🏻‍♀️,

And if you ever forget to thank🙏🏻 someone,

Thank them in your heart💟…


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The Bunny Poem🐇🐰

l live in a burrow;

So l won’t have any sorrow;

My pal’s name is Corrow;

She is so clever

Forever and ever;

She is so strong, yes that’s her mother,Mrs. Pong;

She likes the song – go long;

Well, my bro is named Bunnies;

He is the leader of all fast runnies;

Mr. Sunnies always asks Bunnies, ” Who came last?” ;

But Bunnies always said, “The fast one came first” ;

Because he wasn’t a bunny like our neighbour, Mr. Bunny Rudey.