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~ I Have News ~

Hey everyone! It’s been a very, very long time, i know. happy new year, though! i know we’re like already done with 2 months but i thought it’d be rude if i didnt wish yall.

in the last post i introduced a new blog and i wrote like 3 posts and then my life became so, so, so busy with my exams, school projects, friend problems etc, etc. so instead of ditching you guys like this im gonna make an official post about my withdrawal (idk is that too formal?) from blogging.

ive had so much fun over the years making new friends and exploring this part of writing and im so grateful to those who stuck with me till the very end.

it was a great opportunity and i honestly loved the experience.

ill miss you guys :~) and to those who are currently blogging, good luck and i hope life takes you on the path of success.

so, from now, sayonara, bye bye!


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Dogs 🐶

Bella the dog is a Dalmatian. One morning, When she got out of the house for a walk, she saw wolf coming straight at her to attack. She fought back and the wolf died. Then she saw a greyhound calling her. She went to the greyhound “Hey, buddy” started the greyhound “There are these two bulls that always attack me. Can you please help me? 🥺” Bella, being a kind-hearted dog, agreed. Then she set off.

When she was walking she kept thinking about the bulls “I wonder how big they are!!!” she shuddered. After sometime, she saw a lonely Dalmatian, and she went to him and asked, “Hey, I’m Bella, I am going to kill 2 bulls. Can you help me?” He fell in love with her so he agreed. He introduced himself as Cooper. After some time, they saw the bulls. They pounced on the bulls, killing it. They had a wonderful breakfast. Bella also saved some meat for the greyhound. When they reached home, Bella introduced Cooper to the greyhound and also gave the buffalo meat to him. The greyhound was so happy that the bulls were dead.

Then Bella and Cooper married the same night. But, for the marriage dinner, there was no food, so the greyhound, who was called Pete, said that he knew a farm close by. So the dogs went there with carts. When they reached there, they saw paradise!!! That place was filled with chickens and ducks. Bella and Pete were really good at hunting so, both of them created a hole in the fence and got inside and killed 8 chickens and 6 ducks. They went home and had an amazing feast. And they lived happily ever after the end…

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What my parents say about not buying a dog…

First, let me tell you how you how I feel.

  I feel HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get mad!!! Plus I am really sad about writing this post 😭😭😭😭.

  Okay, Whatever, I am never going to get a dog, No point crying… Okay, So what they tell me is that I need to learn to take care of my toy Labrador, Which I already know!!!

 Secondly , they ask some of these questions: “When you go to school, whose gonna take care of the dog?” or “Whose going to clean its potty”…

So, when I tell them I will do it, they stare at me like I’m mad…

So that’s a few things my parents say and sometimes they try to talk me out of buying a dog. So that’s it… a few things my parents (mostly my mom) say about not buying a dog…

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Almost everything you need to know about Great Danes🐕


Great Danes live up to 10 years. Their originally from Germany. They are black, brindle,fawn,mantle,blue, and harlequin in color.

I have 2 pet Great Danes, Lulu and Bruno. The world’s tallest female dog is a Great Dane named, Lizzy. Great Danes were used to hunt boars a long ago but now they are very gentle and they are also nick-named “Gentle Giants”.

Many years before, a very smart Great Dane named Juliana deactivated a bomb in her owners’ house.

My love for dogs will never end even though my parents don’t approve. l ask them to shift to a house ( l live in a apartment) so we can buy a dog but they are not very keen on dogs. So most of the time l run to my bathroom to cry. l even made my room into a dog house. l keep toy dogs in.

In my bathroom l shaped my shampoo bottles and soap into a dog. So that’s it. Smash ‘like’ if you have a dog. And comment if you love dogs, that means you too!