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✨Animal Haikus✨

Hello peoples! I’ve been really interested in haikus lately, so here are a few animal haikus 😄😄

Giraffe 🦒

Four long legs go up

A neck that goes to heaven,

Green leaves are breakfast

Not my best, but it was ok 😕👍

Tiger 🐯

Coated in orange,

Striped in curving black lines,

sneaks and gets his prey

Rooster 🐓

King of the chickens,

A crown on his little, small head,

rules over his hens

Raccoon 🦝

Medium-sized (4 syllables)

Naughty, trash babies, (5 syllables)

Steals your trash from your dustbins (7 syllables)

Ahhhh, 16 syllables!

Lion 🦁

Fearsome, scary beast,

High and mighty is the king,

rules his citizens

Um…Not sure if that makes sense 😝


Fluffy balls of fur,

As stealthy as a ninja,

Gorgeous blue eyes


Magical white horns,

They heal the sick and the poor,

And bless the good ones


Adorable greys,

Chewing on eucalyptus

Living in Aussie


Huge bulks of muscle,

Black, brown are common colours;

Silverbacks to rule


Slow, patient creatures

Grey as a lazy huge stone,

And scary but gentle

Those were my 10 animal haikus! Hope you enjoyed rea-

And about the podcast, my voice glitches when I’m recording, so it may have a wait a bit longer :((

Thanks for reading! Bye-eee!

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Goat Photo Dump🐐

Hello People! Welcome!! I just returned from my grandparents’ house with some pictures of the baby goats 😍, They are so stinky cute!! Ahhhh!!! Also, I just hit 1,000 likes, Yayyyy!!

Lez get started

I dunno if I told ya’ll about Blacky the goat, but this is one of Blacky’s kids, a female goat named Jet-black or JB (Named my moi dad 🙂 My brother’s holding her.
JB (left) and her sister Midnight (right)
One of Rose’s kids, Sammy Jr Or Dash. He looks a lot like Sammy!
Jet-Black again 😂
Sammy Jr and his brother, Mimi.
Me and Sammy Jr.


Me and my brothers went swimming in a stream and we were walking back. We passed a house and then suddenly a dog came running to us. I was like AHHH!!!! HEEELPP!!! I’M GONNA DIEEE!!! AHH!!! And my dad’s like Stop runnin’ gurl, its their territory and their job to protect it! My mind was racing and I was imagining the dog tearing off my leg 😰. I knew I shouldn’t have ran when I saw the dog, but I was just wayyy too scared and I didn’t think. That was the first time I got chased by a dog. Have you ever been chased by a dog? Tell me in the comments!


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What my parents say about not buying a dog…

First, let me tell you how you how I feel.

  I feel HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get mad!!! Plus I am really sad about writing this post 😭😭😭😭.

  Okay, Whatever, I am never going to get a dog, No point crying… Okay, So what they tell me is that I need to learn to take care of my toy Labrador, Which I already know!!!

 Secondly , they ask some of these questions: “When you go to school, whose gonna take care of the dog?” or “Whose going to clean its potty”…

So, when I tell them I will do it, they stare at me like I’m mad…

So that’s a few things my parents say and sometimes they try to talk me out of buying a dog. So that’s it… a few things my parents (mostly my mom) say about not buying a dog…