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New Familia Member

Hewo Peoples, It’s your friend, Aamy! Wee-woo!

There, I’ve done my intro 😛

This is one of those posts which i call Shorts.

By reading the title, you’ll be guessing another fishy, I think, But, if you did, you’re right! I did get another fish! It’s called a Gurami, I named it Misty.

Very Dirty Tank

He’s so cute :D. Maybe he’s a girl


boop, boop, boop, boop..I love that word, Its so cute 🙂


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Good news and bad news!! + a poem 📜

Should I start by saying the good news or the bad news??

I think bad news first.

You guys should know my pet fish Angel, well.. he died 😭😭😭. He died last Friday August 24 2020. He died because he turned sick.

Now, moving on to the good news: We got a new fighter fish!  

A black and white male!

We named him Zebbra, cause of his zebra like stripes. Cherry’s fine and Zebbra’s soo happy to be with Cherry. Now, like I always do I am gonna be making a poem about Zebbra.

2 hours later

Zebbra the fish

Zebbra… Zebbra..

I think he’s a Libra.

He covered in stripes

Never went through pipes

He’s just family.

Never met Angel

Or anyone named Dangel

I think he loves me

because he’s full of glee


A letter to Zebbra

Hey Zebb,

I know you are not used to your new home, but I’m sure you soon will be. I hope you have an amazing time with Cherry and us. You have extraordinary fins; did you know that? Amazing fins!! I love your beard.. it’s very beautiful. That’s all I have to say… Welcome to the family..

                                                                      Love u,


Zebbra and Cherry