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His Worst Memory

The baby was crawling on all fours across the red mat. He started scratching the mat and trying to eat the lint caught in his small, soft hands

“Blabble blabble,” went the baby. “Oh, Jonah!” said a woman, picking the baby up.

“Marnie, go wash his mouth. It’s probably infested with lint,” said a heavy British voice of a man.

“Yes, yes, Mathew, I know,” said Marnie, smiling. They walked together to the changing room. Mathew took some warm water and washed the baby’s mouth.

“How is my little Jo doing?” asked Marnie, tickling Jonah’s tummy. He started laughing.

“Our baby will grow up to be a great person,” said Mathew. Marnie smiled, “Yes, he will,”

Marnie looked like she wanted to say something. The moment she opened her mouth, a shrill scream rang through the house.

“Who-?” Mathew started.

“Benjamin,” Marnie said, in a heartbeat.

They ran outside, holding Jonah. “BENNY!” screamed Marnie, “BENNY!”

Mathew went around the house near Benjamin’s swing set.

“Benja-,” started Mathew, before he saw something that would stain his life forever.

On the grass. Knife. Blood. Brick. Head. Gone. Gone. Gone. GONE. GONE!

Was that the memory of the Mathew I killed?



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