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Journey Across the Sea 🌊

Day 2 : 7 APRIL 2022 (Thursday)

In the morning, we reached Lakshadweep. It was a beautiful lagoon and the sands were white and the water was see-through. We travelled in a bus to a resort type of place where we were greeted by a group of male singers singing with a sword and “shield”. I had some ✨dElIcIoUs✨ blueberry juice and we got tickets for some activities. We changed into our beachwear and walked to our first activity: Riding a glass-bottomed boat. Tbh, the glass of the boat was quite small, but we did see very beautiful corals.

Then, we went kayaking. I was sitting with my mom. It was fun and I think I learned the technique well.

Next came the activity I was waiting for: Snorkelling :D! It took some time since a bunch of people started a fight because they didn’t show their tickets and they were sitting and the people said get off but they didn’t (So annoying). But, eventually, we reached and saw, even more, prettier corals. There were schools of fish and I think I even saw a squid. It was epic.

Once we finished, we ate lunch and came back to the ship. We ate some snacks after, like an hour, and then we went rock climbing. MY HANDS HURT SO FREAKING MUCH AT ONE POINT AND I WAS DYING AND I LEFT IT. We saw a balloon-making man and Jacob got a balloon gun and Joshua got a balloon dog which he named Gerald. Then…we went to an arcade and it was so epicc. I played 2 games: Car racing and motorcycle one. At 10 pm, we saw a magic show by Tejas, which was epic.

And then we slept :))



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  1. This is Aamy from another uhm account and just wanna let you know that I found out what the ‘little car thing’ is really called: It’s called a buggy 😌

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