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Examination (poem)

Ima take a quick hiatus since my exams are starting on Tuesday. My hiatus will end on the 25th, which is a Friday :))

"The exams will be starting soon. The date is the 15th of June,"
The voice of the teacher echoes my ears.
I try to fight back my tears, 
and my exam fears.

Questions about the number of chapters arise,
And the teacher says it is a 'suprise'

All the geeks seem excited,
And they all very delighted.
One walked to me and about the invite to the group study, she reminded. 

I smiled nervously,
And I kept coughing purposely. 
Her smile turned into a frown,
She stuck her tongue out like a clown.
She puffed and stomped to her seat,
very angry about her defeat.

I studied hard,
And finally the exam day came...
It was an easy game, I felt I aced it well.
The other exams passed as well, as the next was eaiser than the other!

A week passed after the exams,
As I was eating my hams,
The marks came,
And every exam had the same (marks)!

A straight A student I became,
I hope this will always be the same!




Hullo! I'm Amelia, but you can call me Aamy! I'm an extroverted tomboy who *loves* Attack On Titan ✊ I'm good at lots of things (Maybe coz I'm epic 😂✊), like, Swimming, Football, Karate, painting, writing, gaming, etc, etc. Now, check out my blog (Because I dunno what else to say, so bye)

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