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♀️ Happy Women’s Day ♀️

I love Women’s Day! I highly stand against sexists, people who discriminate against people based on their gender, especially women, and I feel that this day is perfect for all those sexists to feel bad about themselves.

Today's Women's Day,
the day, we should try and drive sexists away.

The day dedicated to all women,
And today, we should listen,
and hear what they have to say.

One might say, "Boys make fun of me!"
And, I may ask to those boys, Why does your face light when you do this, in glee?

Another might say, "I want to play soccer, but the boys say girls cannot!"
Girl, listening to them, you really should not!

We, women, should stand for other women!
And not just stay hidden. 

This day is to celebrate women
Every women there is,
We should stop the sexists making sins.

Soo…how was the poem :))? This poem is not just to read, okay? You have to apply it! If you’re a sexist, STOP BEING ONE 🛑👊


Happy Women’s Day once again!



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20 thoughts on “♀️ Happy Women’s Day ♀️

  1. Ah! This poem is perfect for the occasion Aamy! I too think womens day is amazing cause it stands against gender discrimination, but I also feel like it highlights how women struggle in society.

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