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Sneak Peek Of A Book I’m Writing

Hey! I’m currently writing 2 books, well 3, if you don’t count the book I’m writing with Smera (Well, that book’s finished, we’ll publish it soon! Maybe early April? idk) This is a book I started a few months back called (currently), “Fab Five And The Mythical Land Of Wegnes” I’m also hoping that I get time to make this a sequel

Soo, this is the first chapter of Fab Five, and the only early sneak peek 💚.

Chapter 1: Fab Five

Lili, Mari, Sophie, Ava, and Charlotte have been friends ever since they were born. The five girls’ parents had bumped into each other when they were at the circus before the girls were born. They were the best of friends from then.

“Charles, Do you think people will sue us for having a name like Fab Five?” asked Lili one day.

“No, why?”

“Maybe because they would think we copied it from the Famous Five,”

“But we did,”

“That’s the problem, They’ll sue us,”

“Yeah, maybe…But who cares, that’s the future,”

“Yeah, I guess so,”

The group was sitting at the Fab Five Table at an old garage, where they discussed random topics that popped up into their minds.

The Fab Five Headquarters. That’s what the garage was called. It was named by the most clever one in the group: Charlotte. Charlotte always thought logically. She fixed facts, cracked codes, and most importantly, found answers. And, Lili, Well she was the type who would ask dumb questions like, How many chickens would it take to kill a lion?

Lili also usually started the topics.

“Last night, I was wondering what would happen if I ate myself…”

‘Ugh! Lili, what are you thinking!” laughed Sophie.

They got some chips and drinks and started their meeting. Right when they were about to start, Ava’s phone rang, “Uhh…Just a sec, guys,” she said, picking it up. 

“Oh yes….How could I forget? Mmhmm…Okay…Yeah, everyone’s here. What time? Now? Oh, okay, sure…”

She placed her phone facing down on the table, and smiled at her friends, “I have a problem with my head,” 

The other four looked really confused

“What’s up, eh?” asked Lili.

“Haha, I actually forgot that today was my dad’s birthday,” she replied, “Annnnnd, we’re having a party!”

They whooped and decided to skip that week’s meeting. They rushed over to Ava’s house, each holding Chrysanthemums, from Ava’s garden. They got a white, satin ribbon and tied up all the flowers. Hey walked inside her house and searched for Ava’s dad. They finally found him sitting in his room upstairs, reading a book. 

“Daddy!!!” squealed Ava, swinging into her dad’s arms, “We got you flowers!”

“Oi! Chrysanthemums! My favourite flowers! Thank you so much, girls. Alrightly, how about we go and grab some cake? Sounds good?” He asked.

Ava nodded and they went down the stairs together.

I’m gonna make this more detailed once I’m done with the book, but that’s the chapter for now! I’ll give a brief about this book: The book’s basically about the Fab Five going to a mythical land called Wegnes.

Anyways! Thanks for visiting! Byeee!

Good things take time

Bejamin Franklin


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13 thoughts on “Sneak Peek Of A Book I’m Writing

  1. I love this Aamy! You should share more…would love too read! Everytime I write thinking of a whole book I end up giving up or stopping at some point! Amazing that you have even finished one…I can’t seem too!

    Could I suggest something? Do not take it badly, your writing is AMAZING. Really really amazing…just something I think you could improve on…
    I think that being more descriptive makes the writing way more fun to read…So for example Ima just take a random para and showya kinda wut I mean-

    They whooped aloud with faces of excitement and decided that they could skip that week’s meeting. They scrambled over to Ava’s house in a hurry, each holding a small bunch of brightly colored chrysanthemums from Ava’s garden. They got a thin, lacy satin ribbon and gently tied all the flowers into a bunch. Then they walked into the house in search of Ava’s dad. They looked around while talking to each other, the flowers tightly gripped in Ava’s hand. Then they finally found him sitting in his room upstairs, engrossed in one of his favorite books.

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    1. Thank you! I mentioned in the post that this is just a draft, and i’ll be making it more descriptive, when I read through the whole thing, once i’ve finished!

      Thank u sm for your comment!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know! I was just saying cause if u compare it does sound muuuch better with more descriptions!
        Even when I have ‘just a draft’ and someone points out a mistake as if it is final copy it annoys me. Hope I didn’t annoy u lool!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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