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Poem Week©✍| Day 1 | Topic:- Blue

Hey guys! As the title suggests, I’m going to be posting 7 days in a row, each post with a poem! So, the poem I’m writing about today is about blue! Each paragraph is about different blue things 😉😉! I hope you enjoy this series, which will happen 2 times a year, so that means 2 separate weeks in a year will be dedicated to this! I’m no poet, but I find writing poems so fun! As a writer, I feel like I should know the most common types of writing. Also, I have a contest (The last day was yesterday, but no one except Smera sent the writing 😗, Soo…I’m changing the date to the 21st of March, that’s one more month! Hopefully, you can do it 😄! Here’s the link. Anyways let’s get started with the poem!

Blue is for intelligence, loyalty and trust,
Speaks for a friend who doesn't disgust.

The colour of the oceans, skies and seas,
as well as a blue butterfly as from a net he flees.

Sapphires aglow,
Winds ablow,
As well as blueberries; to the mouth they go

Dory the fish swims about, 
With her memory, she can't recall; route.

Blue roses dance in the dew, 
Since, they are pulled out, there are only few

Stitch the monster plays around,
building a town,
which it will eventually frown.

Blue eyes blink softly,
Like a princess who does it so portly,
Like a queen who loves her citizen(s),
And feeds them in any situation.



Hullo! I'm Amelia, but you can call me Aamy! I'm an extroverted tomboy who *loves* Attack On Titan ✊ I'm good at lots of things (Maybe coz I'm epic 😂✊), like, Swimming, Football, Karate, painting, writing, gaming, etc, etc. Now, check out my blog (Because I dunno what else to say, so bye)

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