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Spooky Real Life Stories 😨

(All of these stories are from BuzzFeed)

(Also, I may have forgotten to add “I love spooky things” in my facts about me post)



Hello…👻 yeah, yeah, this emoji has to be funny 😑. I’m trynna make a blasted scary post 🤦‍♀️

T-today i’ll be telling you about s-some r-real life i-incidents (I am not stuttering to make this more creepy *nervous laugh*. it’s getting cringe 😶)

I haven’t the least idea if this is legit (probably not. Ignore the title) but here we are.

How about we start now?

When I was 6, I spent a long weekend at my friend’s house in Montana. I slept on the floor of his room in a sleeping bag. One night, I sat up covered in sweat and shaking. I was 100% awake. Then, I watched as a Grim Reaper-like figure floated from the shadows to the other side of the room where there was a wall.
He peeled back the wall like it was a curtain, then I saw my home city at dusk covered in flames with people screaming. He pointed at the city, and said, ‘This is how it ends.’ I ran to the bathroom and stayed there for the rest of the night. No one believes it happend.

ahem. I’m sorry, say what? I’m thinking: Nightmares. I’m sorry, but I don’t know how you expect people to believe that. Also, where is the rest of the story? You can’t end it there! I have to know what happend What happend in the morning? Was the city burnt or did it come back?

My aunt used to live in this old house that everyone in the family joked it was haunted. On Christmas, she woke up and went down to the living room to find all the sofa cushions arranged into a cross on the floor. Only she and her husband lived there and they both swore neither of them did it.

Tell me Santa is a prankster without telling me Santa is a prankster. Or you have an incredibly smart dog or cat. Or there is a thief in your house who wanted to scare you and your husband out of your lives. Or, great news: The heavens have smiled upon you!

When my beloved dog died a little over a year ago, she was on the East Coast with my boyfriend while I was on a trip to the West Coast. The morning she passed, I learned the news from a terrible phone call before driving to the airport. I was absolutely hysterical and bawling the whole drive. I was ‘talking’ to my girl, telling her I was sorry and that I loved her. It was awful — the deepest despair I have ever felt. Then, I saw the license plate of a car passing by. It said ‘ITS HB.’ We called our dog H.B., short for Harley Bear. I’d like to think that something was sending me a message that she was still out there somewhere and could hear me.

Aww…That’s really cute ♥♥ It may just be an incredible coincidence but really, there is a chance that it is HB 😊

That is deff not scary, so now I’m thinking why it was in the ‘Scary Section’ 🤔🤔

My grandmother was very sick and dying. For a few weeks leading up to her death, she would stare off into space and talk to dead relatives. She’d say things like, ‘I’ll see you soon, Alice,’ or ‘I’m coming soon, Mabel.’ She would always name previously deceased relatives. Then, one day, she started talking to her brother, Henry. We thought it was weird because Henry was still alive. We got a call the next day that Henry had died the previous day.

Stoppp! This spooked me out way too much 😱😭

Saw a dude with no face driving a car. No features at all, it was just blank. I did more than just glance at him, I was staring. Just smooth skin and a men’s haircut. I’ve never told anyone because it’s so ridiculous sounding and I don’t think people would believe me.

😭😭😭😭 please tell me you’re lying. You’ve put a terrible image in my head.

I remember the crash. My dad was t-boned in his green Nissan. I remember telling the police all about it at the scene.

I remember my parents telling me to tell the doctors that my neck and chest hurt (even though they didn’t). I remember having a week off of school (which was fun). I remember my dad berating the insurance company over the phone.

So a few years ago, when my dad bragged about how he had never been in an accident, I took the smug pleasure of correcting him and reminding everyone about the accident, but everybody looked at me like I was going crazy.

According to my family, my dad never even had a Nissan and he would never drive a green car because he thinks they are unlucky.

I’m thinking, yet another nightmare that feels real. Um…Or you were dRuNk. It’s quite strange, though. HEY! Maybe they were playing a prank on you, right? I need answers.

I was driving to work one morning when a school bus suddenly overtook another parked bus and came straight for me with no possibility of stopping in time. I was terrified and closed my eyes expecting it to hit my car, but when I opened them again, I was about half a mile up the road. There was no possible way that the bus could have managed to stop in time before hitting me, so to this day I still cannot explain what happened and how I ended up further up the road.

Maybe, or maybe not: You could’ve hallucinated or something and imagined a school bus…or…REALLY? DON’T YA EXPECT ME TO BELIEVE YOU, OK? SHEESH! STOP PUTTING UP FAKE STORIES! sorry. sorry. 😒

I have a habit of reading before bed. One night, I finished reading, set my book on the nightstand, and put my glasses on top like I always do. The next morning, the glasses were gone. I knew I’d had them because my vision is too bad to read without them. At the time, I didn’t have a backup pair, so the next day my parents came and helped me look all over my apartment, but they were gone

They took me to get a new pair. Months later, I went through the same nighttime routine, and when I woke up in the morning, both pairs of glasses were sitting on top of the book I’d been reading.

I’ve read LITERALLY SO MANY of these stories, that it’s kind of hard to believe it now. TBH, your parents could’ve found it and put it there. And you found it, blah blah blah.

I went to a funeral and saw the deceased standing next to her own casket at the front of the church

If you use your common sense, you would understand that the ‘deceased’ lady could be her identical twin, right?

This is probably the hardest post (as of now) I’ve ever written. Because it was scary. Sure, I do like spooky things but that’s really because I like to get spooked (Not sleep paralysis types 😨😱. If you have one, mind telling me what it feels like? Also, I’m sorry that you have one) and well, yeah…I sometimes like to watch Life of Luxury but with Larenzside reacting to them.

Anyways….Thanks for visiting!

Peace out 😎



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