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✨Random Facts About Me ✨

  1. I’m a weeb (Technically more of a beginner )
  2. I’m an AOT fan (Same here)
  3. I’m verry sarcastic (Yas, queen!)
  4. I’m an extrovert
  5. I’m more of a tomboy (Like 92% and 8% girly)
  6. I. WANT. PET. DOGGO. NOWW!!!!
  7. I love my friends
  8. I hate covid
  9. My top 2 favourite YouTubers are Sssniperwolf and Flamingo
  10. I’m currently writing a book and I’ve finished a book with my sister Smera (Our collab blog HERE) and we need to illustrate it and get it published. Maybe by later March or early April
  11. I like ro bu lux  🤪
  12. I have 4 bed buddies: Benny (A brown labrodor), Misty (A Snowy dog from TinTin), Danny (A donkey) and Ellie (An elephant)
  13. I like fidgets
  14. I like blue and cyan and coral
  15. I love Harry Potter (I’ve only read one book. please don’t kill me)
  16. I love to group study (Big difference between group study and study, ok?)
  17. I like gel pens
  18. I love Miraculous Ladybug (But, I may or may not have stopped it coz I lost track of where I stopped)
  19. My favourite ice cream flavour is: Mint Chocolate Chip
  20. I like body lotion so delicious
  21. I like to paint
  22. I prefer to put tags starting with # in my tag section for my blog posts.

I also like this post 😌

I updated my about page so check it out here. It will also teach you how to pronounce my name.

Anyways, thanks for visiting, people!

PS: Sometimes Sandy wouldn’t come on the show because, well idk, but she will and might.

Bey, bey!


Hullo! I'm Amelia, but you can call me Aamy! I'm an extroverted tomboy who *loves* Attack On Titan ✊ I'm good at lots of things (Maybe coz I'm epic 😂✊), like, Swimming, Football, Karate, painting, writing, gaming, etc, etc. Now, check out my blog (Because I dunno what else to say, so bye)

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