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Blogmas Day 7 🎅: Spoiler-Free Movie Review

This is spoiler-free and bleeped at spoilers because I hate spoilers. I just got a major spoiler for AOT and I’m gonna jump off a cliff now. Gosh, at least I didn’t get any spoilers for Spiderman-No Way Home.

If you decide to give me spoilers, I’ll block and report you 😇 and I will also track you and find you in your house.

Anyways, here’s a spoiler-free movie review for….A Boy Named Christmas!

I’ll just give the brief storyline: There’s this boy called Nikolas and his mother died. She used to tell him a story about a place called Elfhelm. One day Nikolas’s father went to try and find Elfhelm with other people. The father gave Nikolas his hat and left Nikolas with the father’s sister, who is HORRIBLE. She accidentally burned his hat and Nikolas ran outside. The hat was torn. So, he *bleep* it and *bleep* a *bleeeeep*

The genres are: Adventure, Fantasy, Christmas

Here’s my star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Will I recommend this movie?: Yes, why else would I make a review?

The whole movie in a sentence: Nikolas goes on a journey with his a *bleep* and a *bleep* to find Elfhelm.

So, that was the end of the review (:

Pretty short review, don’t ya think?

Brain Teaser

Can you read this?

Y0 @r€ @M@Nlng

If you read that (or did not), try THIS and THIS

I’m gonna try an IQ test now.

why did i not get my score. and why can’t i put my correct age.

I’m going off-topic, but it’s fine I think because the movie review post is over (:

Ok, I’ll stop here 😆

Thanks for visiting!

Peace Out 😎


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