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✨Buddy Tag ✨ft. Rajonya🎇

{Header Image designed by Rajonya}


Hellooooooo and Welcome!

One of my good friends, Rajonya reached over to me and asked if we could do the buddy tag! This is my very first buddy tag so I am EXCITED 😜!

Rajonya is an amazing blogger, with an amazing blog design and amazing posts! You will never get bored reading her posts!

(Lotta ‘amazings’, Don’t ya think?)

Alright! Lez get started with this Buddy Tag!


  1. Tag the original creators of this tag – Tallblondetales and Proxywords – and tag the original posts from each of their blogs. If you do, you’ll be eligible for the roundup post and grand ‘Know Your Buddy’ tag winner! If not, you can still take part in the tag you just won’t be a contender for the overall winner.
    2. Thank the bloggers who nominated you (and your buddy), share the badge and rules in your post.
    3. Pick a blogger with whom you’d like to do this tag with, answer the questions together, and share each other’s answers on both the blogs.
    3. Nominate 10 new Bloggers and keep spreading the love.
    4. Notify the bloggers (tell them you nominated them) by commenting on one of their posts.

Here are the original posts: Tallblondetales’s post and Proxywords’s post

I’m nominating:









And YOU! You can do the buddy tag if you want :))

1. What is your favorite blog post of mine and why?

Rajonya’s Answer: Well, I loved your goat story. Possie and Rockie are sooo cute ❤️ ( love Oreo too) I love animals.

My goats are cute, eh?

My Answer: I LOOOVED  Diy Halloween Ornaments. All the DIYs looked so cute :)))
My fave DIY would probably be the ghost  👻

Yep, The ghost was really cute 👻

2. What would you like to be known for – your name or your Blog name?

Rajonya’s Answer: I’d like to be known by my name.

My Answer: I’d wanna be known for my name 😋

Yes, both of us have beautiful names 😏😏😇

3. Do you think cereal is soup ? Why or why not ?

Rajonya’s Answer: No, because cereal is cereal and soup is soup…

My Answer: Cereal could be a form of soup 🤔…The cereal is those mystery veggies and meat lying around and the milk is the water (water 😂)

What do you think? Is cereal soup or…or…not soup?

4. If you had a controller that has the power to rewind and fast forward, which would it be and why ?

Rajonya’s Answer: Maybe fast forward, as I want to see the changes in my blog and see more posts from my blogger friends…

My Answer: Obviously I’ll fast forward. I’d love to see new bloggers and new followers and see how all of my blogger friends have grown over the years 😁

Who doesn’t wanna see the future?

5. If you two were to be buddy characters in a movie, which characters would you be and why?

Rajonya’s Answer: I honestly have no idea..😅

My Answer: Maybe…Ladybug from Miraculous? I love Ladybug and her awesome reflexes! I’ve watched the first season on YouTube but the second one’s not available there 😓

edit: I think the second season is available

6. What is the most boring part of posting blog posts for you, or what part of posting a blog are you laziest about doing?

Rajonya’s Answer: Mostly editing my videos,( I always forget to edit it 😅😶‍🌫️)

My Answer: I hate going over the posts, and maybe sometimes I forget to do it and then my mom reads the posts and she goes, “Do you mean ‘What’ instead of ‘Whad’?” and things like that.

Editing is booorrringgg

7. If you could transform into any animal, what would it be and why?

Rajonya’s Answer: How about a majestic Dragon ✨ I absolutely love it …

My Answer: I’d be a pet dog for a kind family. Also, who lives loooong. I really wanna know the lives of pet dogs (given to kind families and lives loooong), so yeah I’d be a pet dog (given to a– You get the point)

🐉 🐕

8. If your blog had a superpower/magical element, what would it be?

Rajonya’s Answer: Ummm……. I don’t know, I like to do everything on my own…

My Answer: I. HAVE. NO. CLUE.

Superpower? Hm?

9. If you were given the power to exchange blogs for a day, which thing will change or adapt first?

Rajonya’s Answer: Nothing, I love Aamy’s blog 🌈😃😁

My Answer: I don’t really know…Rajonya’s blog is already BEAUTIFUL 😉


10. What is the weirdest comment you’ve gotten in your blog?

Rajonya’s Answer: I haven’t gotten any weird comments!!🙂

My Answer: I haven’t gotten a weird comment :\

Weird comments are rare

That was fun, Rajonya!

Thanks for collaborating with me 😄!

Find Rajonya’s post here:

Thanks for visiting, y’all! Cya!

Peace Out 😎



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