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Hey Guys! So…Today I thought that I’ll try to make another poem, and I searched for some poem ideas and the first idea was “Night Time”, so I decided to try it out. Here goes nothing:

The sun goes down,

All the kids frown.

It is time to come back home;

Take bath, with lots of foam.

Then eat dinner;

Clean your plates until they shimmer.

Tuck up in your bed

In your little *shed

Dream about good things,

Like swings and rings

Have a good night’s sleep

And do not weep.

Sooooo…..How was it? I know a lotta good professional poets over here, so I need reviews from y’all. Poetry is actually pretty fun, so if you haven’t tried writing poems, you really should give it a go.

Anyways, thanks for reading! And byeeeee!

*Over here, it means house :P, I couldn’t find anything that rhymes with bed and means house



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