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Happy (Belated) Halloween! πŸŽƒπŸŽƒ

Heyy Peoples! Sorry for not posting yesterday! By the time I got back, it was pretty late :\

Alright, so I got invited to a party yesterday, and I was pretty excited because it was my first Halloween party. I was a ghost (My mom stitched the outfit), and my brothers were; The Front Man (From Squid Game) and Miles Morales.

So, we had to head over to the party host’s house at 4. We stayed there for a bit and played with his dog, Echo.

Then we headed down for some games :))

These were all the games we played:

Drawing On Back (or something)

Each person needed a partner and then we needed 2 papers. The person who draws keeps a paper on the back of another and draws something Halloween-related. And the other person had to guess what it was and draw it on another paper. And, we won :DD

And, I got a Five-Star.

Boop The Stem

There was a pumpkin printed out on paper and we’ll be blindfolded. And then, we were supposed to dot the pumpkin. And I won again 😏! And this time, I got a Milky Bar Moosha, which is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING

Biscuit On Forehead

This was the last game, in which we had to place a biscuit on our forehead and try to eat it. I got through the first round but I did not make it past the finals. sed lyf.

So, that was the last game. And also, these are not the actual names of the games, I just made them up (Which proves that I’m really bad at making names for games πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ)

So, after that, we ate some food; Samosa, Paneer Cutlet (I think it’s called Paneer Cutlet) and 2 little gulab jamuns. Then, we went back to his house and watched a K-Drama called #Alive. It’s about zombies. And I would definitely recommend it. It’s on Netflix and it’s 16+ but I think it’s okay for an 11-year old, like me. Plus there was also a 6-year-old watching it…

Then, I went back home. Sadly, we did not go trick or treating.

I suppose there’s always a next time, eh?

I dunno how to do outros, so bye.

Peace Out 😎



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