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Hewo Peoples! Today, I’ll be telling you about hairworms! And, also, I may not post for a bit after this. Maybe for a week. Yee, Lez get started!

tHeY mInD-cOnTrOl cRiCkEtS

The hairworm starts as an egg, in a river. Their eggs are long, like a thread. They get eaten by the mayfly larvae, which also lives in the river. Once, they get eaten, they use this sharp pointy tip to dig into the mayfly’s flesh. It goes deeper, and then, it curls up and waits until the mayfly flies out of the water.

They are actually after crickets, not mayflies. So, after the mayfly grows up they go into the dry land. The cricket may eat the mayfly. Along with the hairworm. Once, the hairworm is inside, it eats all of the cricket’s stored up fat for a month.

The cricket would lose its chirp. BUT, The hairworm doesn’t kill the cricket, I mean, who else would take them back to the water?

Thing is, crickets aren’t good swimmers, so they go no where near water. And that is when the hairworm mind-controls the cricket. It boosts chemicals into the cricket’s brain which makes them walk mindlessly, until they reach a source of water. Once, the cricket gets into the water, the hairworm makes the move. They push themselves from the rear-ends of the crickets and it looks….disgusting.

Also, I think I heard that the crickets, after being mind-controlled, they go back to dry land 🤷‍♀️

Back to being crickets.

sOoOoOoOoOo….that’s what hairworms are (lol)





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