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Neeraj Chopra’s Amazing Win!

I know, I know, I did say that I’m on a hiatus, but I’m on a lil’ break, so I’m gonna tell y’all an amazing thing.


I am a huge fan of the Olympics.

And, today, just a few minutes (maybe an hour or something) ago, for the Javelin Throw, Neeraj Chopra won!! India got gold! hehe.

He is 23-year-old and he did 87.58m to win a GOLD medal for India(though his personal best is 88.07m (2021)).

*sigh* I wish the Olympics lasted a month or so.

It’s gonna end on Sunday.

Oh wow, the news is streaming with Neeraj Chopra’s win 😆

He’s gonna have a unique celebration when he arrives in India 😉

I hope they’ll film it 😛

And, here’s is where I’ll be going! See ya’ll on Friday!
(Why did I say see 🤦‍♀️?)

🏃‍♀️💨Bye! Make sure to like and follow!



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