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Once Upon A Japanese World πŸ―πŸ—Ύ

Akemi was just a normal girl, but with a dream that her father would never let her to achieve: Karate.

It was a long time ago, in Japan, and where Akemi lived, girls were not meant to do karate. Akemi just thought it was wrong. Her brother, Haruto was taught karate by his father ever since he was 5. “Father, It’s just karate!” Akemi often used to plead to learn karate.

“Akemi! I told you no! Go help your Mama in the kitchen!”

Sometimes, Akemi used to talk to her chicken about how much she loved karate.

“What can you do? You’re just a chicken” she grumbled to her hen one day. “Baw-Bawck!” screeched the hen, deeply offended. “Well, I’m just pointing out the fact, that you are a hen and not a martial arts expert!” said Akemi, shrugging. Her hen walked away in a weird manner that kind of looked like she was doing karate chops.”THAT’S IT!! I CAN LEARN MARTIAL ARTS MYSELF!!! I LOVE YOU CHICKEN!! THANK YOU!” shouted Akemi, excitedly. Her hen ran away in fear. She chased her hen and picked the hen up. She was walking back in her house when she saw a glance of the backyard, her brother had just started his karate class. She memorised the moves her father taught Haruto and then she went to her room to try them. She closed the door, placed her hen down and tried them out. After a few moments, she was sweating like a pig. But, she kept practicing. She practised everyday, even though her brother didn’t have classes. But when he did, she watched him, went to her room and tried them out.

Even if her practice was fascinating, the other fascinating thing was that her father didn’t know she was self-teaching herself karate. She kept her streak of her father not knowing about her karate practice for 6 months, that was until a thief decided to rob the family.

The thief climbed through Haruto’s window. The thief got on to Haruto’s bed and accidently treaded on Haruto’s hand. Haruto yowled “AKEMI! Why are you on my bed!?” The thief jumped and hid under the bed. Haruto woke up to see that “Akemi” wasn’t there. “Akemi! Stop coming to my room! You have your own stinky chicken-poop filled room, why do ya have to come to mine? And why do you have to be ever so cruel to keep the window open, You know its winter, do you want me to be a human popsicle?” he said, angrily. The thief had stopped breathing to keep hidden. After a few moments, Haruto fell asleep. The thief found a few stones in Haruto’s shelf and kept searching for more.

On the other hand, Akemi couldn’t sleep. The dogs were barking, the wolves were howling, her hen was clucking, and her brother was screeching. “Haruto is so weird, who speaks in their sleep?” she mumbled. The thief looted almost every valuable thing in Haruto’s room and made his next move: Akemi’s Room

The thief crept in her room. Akemi heard the thief and thought that the thief was Haruto. “UGH, WHY DO YOU KEEP ANNOYING ME?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, HARUTO!?” she shouted turning to face “Haruto”. The thief didn’t have enough time to hide, Akemi saw him. She screamed and she punched him right on the nose. The thief fainted. She gasped, “Oh No, What did I do?! Oh Haruto! Why did you have to wear a mask? Oh whyyy??!!”

She desperately tried to find a hiding spot, but it was too late, her father was in her room. Her father pulled out the thief’s mask. “Akemi! What is the meaning of this?” her father shouted. Akemi cried and saw that the person in the mask was not Haruto at all, it was in fact a wanted criminal of the village. “But, Dada, it’s..that’s Daitan Gowichi. He’s a criminal!” Akemi protested. Her father thought again, and asked, “Did you punch him?” Akemi looked down and said yes. Her father’s face gleamed, “That.. that was pretty impressive, Akemi”

Her father looked into the thief’s pockets and found Haruto’s stones. He laughed, “How can Haruto be asleep at this time? HARUTO!! COME HERE!!” Haruto groaned and came to her room. “What now?” he said. His father gave him his stones, “Akemi has saved your stones, son, he has knocked out Daitan Gowichi” “WOAH! That’s really cool, Akemi! Um…Thanks…a lot” Haruto smiled.

The next day was Akemi’s very first karate class. She was very excited. Her father taught her and Haruto self defense and many other things. She smiled and thought, “Dreams really do come true”

Hewo Peoples! I know I should’ve done the intro in the beginning, but I thought it would spoil the story xD. Anyways, yesterday I had a karate test to go from Brown Belt 1 to Brown Belt 2.

I got 75 points for being one of the kids who had loads of stamina 😏😏

Eeeeeeee!!! (And that’s my catchphrase πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰)

The results will come next week! See ya soon!

Make that peoples xD


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