Goat Photo Dump🐐

Hello People! Welcome!! I just returned from my grandparents’ house with some pictures of the baby goats 😍, They are so stinky cute!! Ahhhh!!! Also, I just hit 1,000 likes, Yayyyy!!

Lez get started

I dunno if I told ya’ll about Blacky the goat, but this is one of Blacky’s kids, a female goat named Jet-black or JB (Named my moi dad πŸ™‚ My brother’s holding her.
JB (left) and her sister Midnight (right)
One of Rose’s kids, Sammy Jr Or Dash. He looks a lot like Sammy!
Jet-Black again πŸ˜‚
Sammy Jr and his brother, Mimi.
Me and Sammy Jr.


Me and my brothers went swimming in a stream and we were walking back. We passed a house and then suddenly a dog came running to us. I was like AHHH!!!! HEEELPP!!! I’M GONNA DIEEE!!! AHH!!! And my dad’s like Stop runnin’ gurl, its their territory and their job to protect it! My mind was racing and I was imagining the dog tearing off my leg 😰. I knew I shouldn’t have ran when I saw the dog, but I was just wayyy too scared and I didn’t think. That was the first time I got chased by a dog. Have you ever been chased by a dog? Tell me in the comments!


Published by Aamy

Hewo Everyone! I'm Amelia! Most of the bloggers call me Aamy! I love to bake, do crafts, paint, and OF COURSE blogging!! I also love animals a lot! I really want a dog, but so far, I don't have one. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy reading my posts! Happy Reading!

5 thoughts on “Goat Photo Dump🐐

  1. AWW cute goats! Yeah I’ve been chased by a dog… that’s no fun at ALL! I was on a bike two different times so I was able to get away (another time I was on foot), but it’s scary

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