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My Christmas 🎄Holiday!!

Wow. 2020’s over so quick.

Hey Guys, Wassup? I went to a supa cold place during my vacations and this is the travelogue! Lets Get Started!

Daaay Oneeee!!!

25 December 2020:

So.. I was at my grandparents house eating rice for breakfast (LOL, I’m so weird 😂). Then, at 9: 30 am, we started our 3 and a half hour drive 🙄. We reached at 12: 45 pm in a resort called ” Forest Canopy“. They gave this DELICIOUS green apple juice. Then we went to our room. IT HAD 2 FLOOOORS!!!! And an elephant towel which I named Ellie. After that, we went to a view point called “Aruvikuzhi View Point”. We also saw wind mills and took photos. Then we came back and I took a bath, Or as I describe it : A mind cooling, heart warming, oddly satisfying bath! And, then I ate dinner: Chicken fry, fried rice, chicken soup, fryums, carrots and cucumbers, mushroom curry, white pasta, naan and beef curry. And for dessert, I had: Bread and custard, chocolate ice-cream, palada kheer, and fruit salad. Then, we all played: Chess, badminton, foosball, and table tennis.

Daay Twwooooo!

26 December 2020:

I woke up and saw loads of fog. Then after sometime, I wore a frock and my parents planned on going boating 🚤. I ate my breakfast and then we drove to an “Elephant Park” and rode an elephant named Beena. Then we had to cancel boating because of the crowd. Then we went to a rose park and again had to cancel it. I saw a cardamom plantation, which WAS pretty cool. Then we came back, played a bit and went swimming in the ice cold water. Then I took bath, went to play again and then we went off road riding. Then we came back and took bath. AGAIN. For dinner I ate: Tomato soup, fryums, mushroom Manchurian, carrots, pasta chicken salad, rice, butter chicken, egg noodles and dessert was: Vanilla ice cream, carrot kheer, and fruit salad. Then I watched TV in the room.

Daaay Treee!! I mean Threee!!

Today, were leaving 😭. What I ate for breakfast was : Pancakes and syrup and chocolate milkshake. Then we went for a nature trail and saw a wild rabbit. I ate some coffee seeds. Then I played in the park 🏞. After playing, I chewed gum and took bath. Then I went back to my grandparents home.


Its actually hard to believe 2020’s coming to an end. So, guys, What was your most fave part of 2020? Let me know in the comments!

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