A Complete Book Review!

Hello! Since I’ve never done a book review, I thought maybe I could try it. Here goes..

Name- Wonder

Author- R.J Palacio

Rating- 4.7\5

Protagonist- August Mathew Pullman

Genre- Drama\Comedy

Siblings – Olivia Pullman

Quote- You can’t blend in when you were born to stand out

 Pets- Daisy The Dog, Bear The Dog

Setting- North River Heights, Manhattan, America

Plot- Auggie is diagnosed with Treacher Collins syndrome, He’s been home-schooled until 5th grade, when his mom thinks it’s a good idea to send him to school. In school, Auggie is bullied a lot, because of his look.

This book’s really good, so you should read it! And, also its been made into a movie, so check it out! It’s in Netflix.


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