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The Curious Boy 👦

It was a good day, and the railway station was crowded. Among the crowd, there was a group of 14 year olds. On the other side of the station, was a father and his son, Panda. Panda was astonished to see everything, “Dad, Look! That ice-cream shop is very small! Look! That cat has the colors, brown and fawn! Look! That boy is licking a pink colored ice cream!” And, the father replied “Yes, son”

The group of youngsters saw Panda and one of them, Mark, went to Panda’s father and said “What’s the problem with your son? He’s SOOOO weird!” The others, who had come with him, shushed him. The father who was not very happy with Mark’s behaviour began “My son here, Panda…”

Mark smirked at the name and Panda frowned. The father gave a stern look at Mark and continued “Panda was born blind. He had just got his operation and now he can see, he is very happy and I don’t think you should question anything about how “weird’ my son is. Now SCRAM!” Mark and the others looked at each other feeling very glum, Then Mark said “I’m sorry…”

Now, there are so many morals we can learn out of this, but the main one is


Q- If you know any other morals, just tell me


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