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UniWorld!! πŸ¦„

It has been 1300 years since the unicorns had gone for hibernation in their caves. Β Today, is the day they come back from their long sleep. LittleSong the unicorn had just woken up.Β  The fairies greeted LittleSong with love as she came out. Sunlight had woken up all the unicorns.

LittleSong pranced and danced, for she knew that the Grand Unicorn Party was that evening.Β  She ran to her old home, a 1300 year old home. She was disappointed to see her old house in ruins, after all it was 1300 years old. She used her powers in her horn and made her house back to normal.

She ate some fruits and some candies and went out to play again with the other baby unicorns. They played a traditional game called β€œHorns”. Soon, it was evening and all the baby unicorns were squealing and laughing.

The party begun with female unicorns dancing elegantly. Then, after the dance, the queen of unicorns arrived. She was welcomed with dancers, flowers, candies, and singers. LittleSong was pleased. Β 

Then, Flower the fairy came and planted a kiss on the queen’s horn. The queen smiled and gave Flower a generous amount of fairy dust to help Flower’s sick mother fly once again. Flower thanked the queen and went to enjoy the rest of the party.

The cake was decorated with sparkles and it was the shape of a unicorn head!! LittleSong enjoyed the party more than she thought she would.Β  They had really cool party games!!Β  The game LittleSong loved the most was β€œHit the Horn!!”. The game was played like this- A horn would be hanging from the sky, and the unicorns had to fly and break the horn with their horns!! LittleSong did not win, though. Another unicorn named BigMagics won and everyone got candies with the picture of the queen in them!! Β 

Several years passed and it was time for LittleSong and the other unicorns and fairies to leave for hibernation. They walked to the cave of hibernation, when LittleSong suddenly remembered that millions of years ago, her job was to give sweet dreams to kids. LittleSong smiled at that thought.Β 

When, they finally reached the cave, all the unicorns and fairies bid goodbye and went into their rooms in to caves. The entrance was shut with a heavy rock after all the unicorns and fairies were inside. LittleSong went into her room and when her head touched her pillow she silently fell asleep.

Life’s always better with a little bit of sprinkles




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  1. Very nice story , I was just lost in their party but didn’t liked their hibernation part πŸ˜• in the last, when will they come out again. You have written it so nicely. Enjoyed every bit of it πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’

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