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My Goat Story 2


So, last Friday, which was the 21st August 2020, Oreo (one of my goats!) gave birth to 2 adorable babies! And their names are- Possie and Rockie!

I haven’t met them yet, but I am going to, this Friday!

So, this is Oreo’s second time giving birth and I totally wanna see Sammy with his new friends!!

So, to describe them- One of them has a slightly coffee color ear and the other one, well, it has black patches on its ears. I dunno which is the boy or the girl, so i’ll let ya know later 👍

So, I will be making another post about them, after I meet them 🤗!!

BTW, Jasmine’s tummy is so large, so she’ll probably get a baby in the next 2 months (Or less🥰!!)

Possie and Rockie with his mum 😊


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