1. The toothpaste slime

For this slime recipe, you need toothpaste and if you want you can use food color. Book a few trips to the microwave until you get a slime like texture.

2. The β€œnot exactly a slime” slime

This is not as stretchy as a normal slime would be, but it’s good 😁! You need food color, liquid glue, super glue and salt. A few drops of food coloring, a 100-gram bottle of liquid glue, a few drops of super glue, and 5 pinches of salt would do the trick. Mix it all together for a while. DO NOT WASH THE SLIME. After it ready, let it sit in an airtight container for a bit.

3. The clay slime

Now, this is really easy. Take some clay and mush it for a few minutes. Then mush it with some body lotion or you can use foaming hand wash and then knead it in your palm. I haven’t tried this recipe, so if you are doing it, please tell me if it worked!!

4. The cornstarch slime

Mix cornstarch, conditioner and baby oil. Knead well for at least 5 minutes.

5. Blue tack slime

This slime is a bit hard and you may need strong hand for this. Take a packet of blue tack and stretch it with foaming hand wash. After sometime it will start breaking, but just keep stretching it.

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