Stuck on a island 🏝 Part 2

Lincoln woke up screaming. He had a bad dream.

Lincoln then went to get more berries, when he saw a man lying on the ground. He ran up to that man, who was sick. He helped that man. That man was Spanish. Lincoln was American and didn’t know any Spanish. Lincoln wanted to teach him English, but first Lincoln had to heal the man.

It took Lincoln a few days to heal the man, but after a few days, the man was healed. Lincoln started teaching the man to speak English. The man said his name was Mario Leonardo. 4 days later, Both the men were thinking of a way to escape the island. Then, suddenly Mario found a boat that was ruined.

β€œWe can fix the boat” Mario said in his thick Spanish accent. Lincoln cut some branches and coconut shells to make the boat covering. Mario found some stones and shaped them as nails. Mario was a sculptor. Lincoln had found a hammer in one of the boxes yesterday and used it. The used it and finally made a boat. Mario made some oars using wood. The next day, they hopped on the boat and rowed away. Β 

Lincoln’s and Mario’s boat

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