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Stuck on a island ๐Ÿ Part 2

Lincoln woke up screaming. He had a bad dream.

Lincoln then went to get more berries, when he saw a man lying on the ground. He ran up to that man, who was sick. He helped that man. That man was Spanish. Lincoln was American and didnโ€™t know any Spanish. Lincoln wanted to teach him English, but first Lincoln had to heal the man.

It took Lincoln a few days to heal the man, but after a few days, the man was healed. Lincoln started teaching the man to speak English. The man said his name was Mario Leonardo. 4 days later, Both the men were thinking of a way to escape the island. Then, suddenly Mario found a boat that was ruined.

โ€œWe can fix the boatโ€ Mario said in his thick Spanish accent. Lincoln cut some branches and coconut shells to make the boat covering. Mario found some stones and shaped them as nails. Mario was a sculptor. Lincoln had found a hammer in one of the boxes yesterday and used it. The used it and finally made a boat. Mario made some oars using wood. The next day, they hopped on the boat and rowed away. ย 

Lincoln’s and Mario’s boat


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