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The next night, Grandpa Craig sat down to tell Bennet Mcmanus, Amy Reed, Kassie Lorman and Emma Shelflike a new story. “I have a special thing for you kids!!!” said Grandpa. “But, Grandpa!! You said last night, you will tell us the story your mom told you!!” said Bennet. “Oh!! Right!! But do you want to go to a magical kingdom in real life???”asked Grandpa. “Oooooo!!! Bennet, let’s go there!!” said Emma. Grandpa uttered some magic words and they found themselves in a beautiful field filled with candies. They ate some candies and saw fairies!!! Kassie said “LOOK!!! NATALIA THE FAIRY👸🏻!!!” Bennet screamed with happiness. “And there is Stephiny👸🏻!!!” said Kassie. Both the Fairy girls said hi and gave them all wings.

Natalia first introduced them to her family. Joe was very excited to see them. Natalia’s mother gave them some homemade fairypizza🍕. It was delicious!! It was topped with kindness and love. Then Natalia took them to Foodland and they ate candies.

Then they went to the fairy race 🏃🏻‍♀️with Natalia. Stephiny came there to race too. Natalia, Stephiny and Natalia’s boyfriend, Rowel raced together. Rowel won because he was the fastest kid racer. Then Rowel, Natalia, Stephiny and the others went to the dolphins where they met Stephiny’s pet dolphin🐬, Shine. Shine laughed and played with them for a while, then the group went to see Snow White and Prince Charming and the 7 dwarfs.

They were happily greeted by Snow White, Prince Charming and the seven dwarfs- Grumpy, Dopey, Doc, Happy, Bashful, Sneezy and Sleepy. They ate some porridge and went to meet Belle and Prince Adam. Belle was so happy to see them. Belle gave Bennet and the girls a book called “Winter❄”. She gave Grandpa Craig a book called “The little lady who broke all the rules” They had a marvellous feast and the group said goodbye and left to meet Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip.

Aurora gave them some apples🍎 and oranges🍊 to eat. They rode Aurora’s and Phillip’s horses🐎🐎 for a while and left to Natalia’s house. In Natalia’s house, they all said goodbye and Grandpa Craig uttered the same magic words and they were back in their house. “Wow!!” said Amy “That was fun!! We should go there tomorrow!!” Then Grandpa Craig said “Tomorrow, I will tell you the story that my mother told me. Tomorrow you will understand because I took you for this trip!!”



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