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Rose Andrews

Rose Andrews was the first lady on Neptune. She was born on October 7 1978. She had a sister named Rosie Andrews. Rose was elder that Rosie. The first time she went to space in the moon was in the year 2001, when she was 22 years old.  When, she turned 30, she started her training in NASA. She went to Neptune 🚀 in the year 2010, when she was 30. She went with her two astronaut friends- Andrew Peterson and Michael Jonas.

They each had one rocket.  In space, Rose vomited thrice. “This always happens when I am in space!!” said Rose through the microphone.  After a while, Andrew said “OMG!!! OMG!! Guys, there are aliens👽, real ones!! Damn!!” Rose and Michael saw it too. They took pictures and then orbited Neptune. When they landed in Neptune, they saw footprints, that did not belong to humans, or that’s what they said. When they were returning, Rose was hit by a comet, twice. In the second time, her rocket blasted and she died. The boys took her dead body back to earth. Rosie cried a lot when she saw her sister’s dead body. They were so close to each other. Rosie took 4 days to stop her crying.

After a week, Rose’s funeral took place on January 4 2010. One year later, Rosie married to a French painter-  Adam Paul. In the year 2012, Michael died of heart attack what everyone thought was because of a death-defying nightmare. Rosie started working in NASA to go to Neptune just like her sister did, but come home unharmed. In 2017 Rosie went to Neptune and came home happily without any injuries. In 2018, she got shot by Simon Shiftlock who went to jail in the year 2019. Andrew Peterson is still alive, aged 45 still working in NASA. On January 19 2020, Coraline Jones acted as Rose and Rosie Andrews in a film called “Trip to Neptune with Rose”.


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