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Natalia and Stephiny- The two kind fairies

Grandpa Craig was telling his grandchild and her friends a bedtime story. Bennet Mcmanus is her name. Her friends are Amy Reed, Emma Shelflike and Kassie Lorman.The girls were having a sleepover.Grandpa Craig started-

So kids, Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a very pretty fairy who lived in an enchanted castle.

“Grandpa,” said Bennet, “Can you name the fairy, Natalia, after the very kind teacher in my school?” Grandpa replied yes.

The fairy’s name was Natalia. One day she went to her friend’s house. Natalia went there to call her friend, Stephiny, down to play.

Then they went flying to another place called Candyland which was filled with candies 🍫. They flew down and saw their teacher-Mrs.Jillian the mermaid. They said hi and went to buy some candies from the king’s candy shop. Both of the fairies only had two candydollars.

“Grandpa Craig, What is a Candydollar?” asked Amy. Grandpa Craig replied “A candydollar is the imaginary currency i made for Candyland” “COOL!!!” said Amy.

When they reached the shop, they bought 2 candies each, 2 candies cost 1 candydollar. Natalia ate one, and saved one for her 8 year old brother. Then on the way home they saw a poor little male fairy. Stephiny gave one of her candy to the poor fairy. Natalia broke the candy she saved for her brother into half and gave one half to him.

“Wow! Natalia and Stephiny are so kind!!!” said Kassie.

Then, they reached their house. Natalia said “Goodbye Stephiny, see you tomorrow” and went to her house. Stephiny said bye too and she went to her house. Later when Natalia reached her house, she gave the half piece of candy to her brother, Joe. For dinner, Natalia’s mother said that they would be going to Foodland to eat dinner because Joe had got real good marks for his exam about fairy wings. So they had a wonderful dinner in Foodland and they lived happily ever after. THE END

“That was an amazing story, Grandpa. I am going to tell Ms. Natalia about this story” said Bennet. “Yeah, Bennet’s right, it really was a good story” said Kassie. Amy and Emma agreed too. “Hohoho!!! Thank you kids!! This story is related to the story my mother told me and my sister when we were your age.” Said Grandpa Craig. “Oh!!! Grandpa Craig can you please tell us that story??? Please???” begged Emma. “I will tell you that story tomorrow night, ok? Now switch off the light and go to sleep. Goodnight girls” said Grandpa Craig.

“Goodnight Grandpa Craig” replied the girls.


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