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Madison James

Madison James is an Australian writer and actor. She started writing when she was six. She was born on October 12 1979 (40 years old), in Australia, Melbourne. She has one twin named Angelina. Her childhood is unknown, but we know a bit about her.

She acted in a movie called “Santa’s Christmas break” in 1990. When she turned 30 years old, she married off to a wealthy Indian man named Sadiq Mathata. Madison wrote her first book in 1999 called “Ana’s adventures” She then stopped writing for a while and when she turned 32 years old, she wrote 10 books.

In the year 2019 she wrote 2 more books and in 2020 she wrote 8 books. She acted in several movies in the past, like before 2016. Her sister is an Australian singer and songwriter. Sadiq is a dentist. Well, that’s all we know about Madison, because, she mostly kept half of her life secret. THE END

PS. if you thought this was a bit short, don’t blame me, blame Madison for keeping half her life a secret.



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  1. Once again WOW! 🤩 You are so creative I love to read everything that you write 🤍
    You are the best writer that I know! ⭐ Keep up the great work! 💜 Stay happy and safe! 🥰
    – Smera 😁

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