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“Hello, hello?? Yes, this is Henry Peter Cameron’s mom. I’m afraid my son did not come back home, Mrs. Parker, ok, Can you please give the phone to your son? Thank you. Umm… yes, hello Jonathan, Henry did not come home yet. Wait, wait, can I finish talking? Ok. Henry did not come home today. Do you know why?  WHAT DO YOU MEAN, HE WASN’T WITH YOU WHEN YOU CAME HOME!!!!!????? Sorry, Jonathan, Thank you for your time. Bye. Don’t worry, I will get your best friend back” Henry’s mom cut the call and called 911.

“Hello, sir good evening. I have a case about a missing boy… he’s my son, He has freckles, brown hair… His name is Henry Cameron. Yes, he is a Christian. Last time I saw him?? At 3:00 pm, when he went down to play. He was wearing a Star Wars t-shirt and a Mark and Ben shorts and a pair of Nike shoes. He has a long scar on his left knee, about 9 cm. Ok, I will come tomorrow at the police station. I will come at 6:00 am. Thank you so much officer.”

Later that night, her husband James would not come out of his room for dinner. Henry’s mom, Melissa ate a meal of bread toast and butter and went to sleep. She couldn’t sleep for 4 hours. Then she had to take a sleep pill. The next day she woke up at 4:30 and went with James to the police station. The police greeted her with a warm smile and a glass of wine (which she refused) and then, the police lady took her to a small room to talk with the chief.

“Hello, officer please find my son I would give you anything!!!!!”

“Ma’am, don’t cry we will search for him… don’t worry!!!!!!”

After a bit of talking, James and Melissa went home. Then Melissa talked to Miss. Aline, Henry’s teacher.

“Miss, my son has been missing since yesterday, so he won’t be able to attend class today and any other day, until my baby is found (whimper, whimper) miss, please don’t tell any of his classmates. I don’t want them freaking out. Ok, ok, thank you so much” Two years later, and still Henry had not been found. Melissa did not even speak of Henry. When anyone asked of Henry, she would simply say


And leave. THE END

 And by the way, Henry did go for a party that I know. Read “Dear diary-2” to know whose party he went to.


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