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Gertrude Wallis


Gertrude Wallis was a Spanish ice-skater⛸. She was born on July 4 1992. She has one sister younger named Greta Wallis who was born on December 10 1997. Gertrude’s father was a lawyer.

Gertrude’s mother died when Gertrude was only five and Greta had just been born. Gertrude’s best friend was Laila Jones. Later after 8 years when Gertrude was a teen, they had to shift to Belgium. Two years later Gertrude’s father Mr. William Logan was called to the US for a meeting. William left his children in Belgium and flew to the US.  After 8 days, bad news struck- Gertrude’s father had died in a crash when he was coming back.

Many years later Greta left to the US. Then Gertrude went to the US in search of a job. Now, Gertrude had a natural talent of ice-skating so she worked as a teacher in an ice-skating ring. After loads of practise she found out that she can go to competitions to earn more money💰💵💴💷💶💸 if she wins. She won in many competitions. And she was declared by a judge that she was going to the Olympics. She won in that and then won the “BEST SKATER” award

PS. This is a fictional character I made.


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