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The stray cat 🐈


There is a stray cat that lives in our flat, like downstairs. We (me and my brothers) named her Meow-meow, but she has many different names.

We feed her to gain her trust, and now she trusts us, how do I know that? I know that because, when cats have a circle on their eyes, that means they don’t trust us, if they have a straight line in their eyes, it means they trust us.

We always touch Meow-meow (who knew cats are so soft?) A few weeks back, she got 4 kittens. 2 of them died in a car crash 😭😭. And two got adopted. We had named the kittens- Whiskers, Spark, Violet and Spikey.

Recently, she got married to another cat named Gray, but the next day they broke up. My brother said he heard Gray say “help”. I sometimes always give food to Meow-meow. And I always beg my parents to buy cat food, but that will never happen. THE END

(If you wanna know what breed she was, I will get to that later, ‘cause I do not know the breed. Oh, and her husband is the same breed as her)


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