Dear diary-1

Dear diary,

Hey diary, it’s me, Alice Peters. Today Kimmy Ray bullied me again. OK, what l did was not nice😐😐 but what she did was worse!!!

What l did was, l took her watermelon lip balm and gave it to Tommy Testler, the lip balm worshiper. What Kimmy did was, she took my egg sandwich and replaced it with my worst nightmare- tuna😫😫.

But guess who got detention? ME!! ME!! THAT IS SO NOT FAIR! My name might sound lame to Kimmy but l am not so lame! l actually sneaked out of detention and went back home in a bus. At home, mom found out l escaped from detention and I was grounded for a week. I called Kimmy’s mother and told her that she exchanged my egg sandwich and Kimmy got grounded!!😁😁


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