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Flood disaster 🌧

This is a true story that happened on august 2018….

During my Onam (a celebration in my state, Kerala, India) holidays, my flat premises got flooded. The next day, in the evening, all the people went to safer places.Me and my two little brothers got on a boat and went to another flat nearby.

After we got out, our parents and us moved to a more safer side. Then my cousins’ father came to pick us up. We drove to their tower called DLF. My cousins, Akash and Adarsh greeted us with smiley faces.

We lived there, for like 10 days? πŸ€”. During our stay, we ran 5 miles together. Then , we also played some ⚽🏈 football with my cousins, one guy and some other kids I had no clue about. My ammai (aunt) made ‘mazing food. Everyday at 5pm we watched Britain’s got talent, we were big fans of that T.V show, and we still are.Those were some of the most amazing days with my bros. So on the 10th day we went back to my flat…Now they are in Australia, sydney, and we miss them…




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