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Petunia’s trip to Australia 🦘


Hi! I am Petunia Quiin. Me and my parents are going for a trip to Australia. I already started packing last week. I packed some chewing gum, bottled water, my travelogue, some pencils, Fluffy, my toy cat and a guide to Australia.

After we landed in Australia, Sydney, we booked a taxi and drove to a hotel called Veriu Broadway. After we ate something we went to explore. We saw the Opera house and then mom and dad surprised me by taking me to Bondi Beach, the most famous beach in Sydney. Mom made me change into my favourite unicorn swimsuit.

And after we swam for a while it was getting late so we headed to the hotel. We slept at 9:00 pm ‘cause we were going to a zoo tomorrow. The next day when we reached the zoo, we feed some cute Koala bears with milk. And we also saw some kangaroos and other animals. For lunch we ate at a grill house. We also went boating and saw dolphins.

We went to a shop to buy some things. I bought a flamingo bag. Then we went back to the hotel. We were going back home the next day. We had to sleep early because the flight was at 9:30 am.

The next day we flew home happily and from what I can say from that trip, it was the best trip ever!!


Hullo! I'm Amelia, but you can call me Aamy! I'm an extroverted tomboy who *loves* Attack On Titan ✊ I'm good at lots of things (Maybe coz I'm epic 😂✊), like, Swimming, Football, Karate, painting, writing, gaming, etc, etc. Now, check out my blog (Because I dunno what else to say, so bye)

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