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Mrs. Kanny’s cat rescue

I was walking back home when I heard a cat meowing. I tried to look for it in a tree nearby. It was Mrs. Kanny’s cat!!! Umm… If you’re wondering who Mrs. Kanny is… well she is the MOST horrid woman in our villa!! She prefers people calling her ‘QUEEN OF THE WORLD’ but I would call her ‘QUEEN OF THE DEVILS’.

If she sees that (sentence) I am dead. She named this cat ‘Dumb’. I know right!? Who would name a cat ‘Dumb’!? Dumb is a persain cat. It looked like Dumb was trying to get a rat because a rat’s leg was lying on the grass. Gross! I called mum and she called dad and dad called Larah (my irritating lil’ sis) and Larah called her puppet Mrs.Penalope. ARGH!! Dad brought a ladder (which was the ‘Queen of the world’s’ !!!!!!) ‘H..H.. How did you!?’ I stammered.

‘Lucy darling, It’s ok to steal stuff from rude people. But I didn’t steal it, I borrowed it’ then he muttered something like ‘without asking’. ‘Arrrrr! Bladd! Grrrrr!’ Gulp! I know that voice! MRS. KANNY!!!!! One look at my dad I knew he’d be roasted fox! I snatched the ladder from my dad and hid it behind my house. ‘Where is my ladder?’  she asked, in her creepy old fashioned voice. ‘Give my ladder back!!!!’ ‘When pigs fly’ I thought. Then Kanny ran to the back of my house and took her ladder and left. I ran back to my room and took 7 packets of pencils. Each packet had 5 pencils so I had 35 pencils. I took 10 packets of super glue and stuck it so it looked like a ladder. Larah helped me (she is the best sis, sometimes) She helps me once in a blue moon and today was that blue moon day (snicker!) I made the ladder long enough to get Dumb. I took hold of Larah and asked her to take Dumb. So I took Dumb and gave him some cat food and I sent him back to the queen of the devils….



Hullo! I'm Amelia, but you can call me Aamy! I'm an extroverted tomboy who *loves* Attack On Titan ✊ I'm good at lots of things (Maybe coz I'm epic 😂✊), like, Swimming, Football, Karate, painting, writing, gaming, etc, etc. Now, check out my blog (Because I dunno what else to say, so bye)

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